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Graduate Non-Degree Programs

Alternative Licensure and Certificates

The following graduate non-degree certificate programs are offered in the College of Education. For more information, visit the COE website at or contact the Graduate Education Office at 317-940-9501.

  • Accelerated Alternative Program for Initial Licensure in Mild Interventions (Grades P–12)*
  • Hinkle Academy for Wellness and Sport Leadership
  • International Baccalaureate Teaching and Learning
  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor
  • Visually Impaired**

* indicates licensure program

** indicates a licensure minor add-on

Accelerated Alternative Program for Initial Licensure in Mild Interventions

There is a nationwide shortage of qualified teachers in special education. To enter this challenging field, join Butler’s Graduate Initial Licensure Program in Special Education. In one year, you can become licensed to teach students in special education needing mild intervention in preschool through grade 12. Our non-degree program is for adults with bachelor’s degrees in education or other subjects. It is an effective alternate route to licensing for individuals now working as job coaches or instructional aids and assistants, as well as those who want to transition to a rewarding education career.

Plan of Study: Total of 30 semester hours*. Note: Schedules for courses are not finalized until one semester prior.

Spring Semester (6 hours)

Summer I and II (9 hours)

Fall Semester (9 hours)

Spring Semester (6 hours)

*  Plus any other classes deemed necessary to complete the entrance to Butler University as decided by the faculty panel.

See full information on non-degree-seeking graduate admission for this program in the Admission section.

Hinkle Academy for Wellness and Sport Leadership Certificate

The Hinkle Academy is a graduate-level, 12-credit-hour certificate program. Designed by members of Butler’s Department of Athletics, College of Education, and Health and Recreation Complex, the Hinkle Academy uses the Butler Way ethos as a foundation for studying effective leadership. It will prepare you to empower team commitment and excellence in your organization and community. You will connect with recognized Indianapolis leaders in sport and wellness and with professional experiences and help design your own apprenticeship. Completing this one-year, graduate-level hybrid certificate program can take you one-third of the way towards a Master’s in Effective Teaching and Leadership degree or towards another graduate degree program pending approval.

Licensed Mental Health Counselor Certificate

Butler University offers a graduate non-degree program specifically designed to build on the Master of Science in School Counseling, providing the coursework required for the State of Indiana License in Mental Health Counseling (LMHC). This 12-credit-hour certificate program provides the three content-based classes and the advanced internship that align with state requirements for the LMHC. The program is designed to dovetail with the 48-credit-hour Master of Science in School Counseling, but admission is not limited to school counselors. Classes can be taken individually, according to availability.

With demand for mental health workers on the rise, the LMHC certificate opens the door to many interesting job opportunities.

*Permission is required to enroll in the Advanced Internship

Teachers of the Visually Impaired Certificate

Butler University offers a graduate non-degree program designed to offer candidates greater depth of instruction, more hands-on work with visually impaired students, and greater contact with successful blind adults as role models. The program consists of a series of nine courses totaling 19 credit hours. This program can be an add-on to an existing undergraduate or graduate license. Students must complete an introduction to special education course before they begin the Teachers of the Visually Impaired (VI) program. The program prerequisites are classes currently required in our Elementary Education major (ED490, Assessment of Students with Special Needs, and ED492, Special Education Law).

The courses offered during the fall and spring semesters will be taught as hybrid classes with a blend of online and face-to-face instruction. The summer courses will be taught at a location that includes children who are visually impaired, e.g., at the Indiana School for the Blind and Visually Impaired during summer enrichment programs.