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Butler University Bulletin

College of Education

College of Education Classroom


Ena Goodrich Shelley, PhD, Dean

Debra Lecklider, PhD, Associate Dean

Angela Lupton, MS, Assistant Dean

Katie Russo, MS, Assistant Dean


  • Stephen Bloom, PhD
  • Deborah Corpus, EdD
  • Arthur Hochman, EdD
  • Thomas Keller, EdD
  • Suneeta Kercood, PhD
  • Debra Lecklider, PhD
  • Matthew Maurer, PhD
  • Ena Goodrich Shelley, PhD

Associate Professors

  • Susan Adams, PhD
  • Susan Adamson, PhD
  • Kathryn Brooks, PhD
  • Kelli Esteves, EdD
  • Lisa Farley, EdD
  • Ryan Flessner, PhD
  • Shelly Furuness, PhD
  • Brooke Kandel-Cisco, PhD
  • Meredith McAllister, PhD
  • Brandie Oliver, EdD
  • Catherine Pangan, EdD
  • Mindy Welch, PhD

Assistant Professors

  • Nicholas Abel, EdD
  • Frederick Ettl Rodriguez, EdD


  • Brandon Cole, MS
  • Lori Desautels, PhD
  • Art Furman, MA
  • Erin Garriott, MS
  • Cathy Hargrove Hartman, MS
  • Jill Jay, PhD
  • Theresa Knipstein-Meyer, MS
  • Angela Lupton, MS
  • Richard Mitchell, MS

Chair of Undergraduate Learning and Teaching Teams

Deborah Corpus, EdD

Chair of Graduate Learning and Teaching Teams

Brooke Kandel-Cisco, PhD

Director of EPPSP

Jill Jay, PhD

Director of School Counseling

Tom Keller, EdD

Director of METL and International Baccalaureate Program

Brooke Kandel-Cisco, PhD

Accreditation Coordinator

Karen Farrell, MS

Licensure, Placement, and External Relations

Katie Russo, MS

Curriculum Coordinator

Shelly Furuness, PhD

Coordinator for Global Experiences

Kelli Esteves, EdD


Jordan Hall, Room 171
Butler University
4600 Sunset Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46208

Phone: 317-940-9224



The Butler University College of Education was created in 1930 when Butler’s Department of Education, established in 1919, and the Teachers College of Indianapolis, founded in 1892, combined. The College of Education has two major purposes:

  • Preparing teachers, counselors, and administrators for positions in elementary education and middle/secondary education
  • Providing services to schools and allied professionals, educational organizations, agencies, and the general community through surveys, consultative services, research, cooperative studies, and clinical services

The College offers curricula leading to the Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education or the Bachelor of Science Degree in Middle/Secondary Education. The programs in teacher education include field and clinical experiences throughout the curriculum, with the capstone experience being integrated laboratory and student teaching. Butler University teacher education programs are accredited by the Indiana Office of Educator Effectiveness and Licensing (OEEL) and the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE), and they are now affiliated with the Council for Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP), the new accrediting body for educator preparation.