Esports Communication Minor

The interdisciplinary Esports Communication minor builds in-demand skills for the booming esports industry. Students will take courses in esports production, communication, business, marketing, and more as they prepare for careers in the exciting world of esports.

Requirements for the Esports Communication Minor

The following courses are required:

  • SPM140, Esports: The World of Competitive Gaming
  • EI201, Real Business Experience 1
  • MK280, Principles of marketing
  • SPM325, Esports Production

Elective courses (Must complete 6 hours)

  • WDD108, Multimedia Graphics
  • SPM220, Sports Shooting & Editing
  • ORG270, Organizational Communication
  • EI315, Creativity & Innovation
  • STR357, Tourism & Hospitality Management
  • ORG362, Leadership and Communication
  • SPM440, Sports media Internship
  • COM480, Media Entrepreneurship
  • JR112, Introduction to Mass Media Journalism
  • COM245, Media Analytics
  • JR312, Multimedia Journalism
  • STR356, Sports Promotion
  • MG360, Organizational Behavior
  • MK381, Professional Selling in Contemporary Business Environment
  • MI452, Entertainment Media & Law