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Butler University Bulletin

Majors, Degrees, and Concentrations

Butler University’s six colleges offer the following undergraduate and graduate degrees:

Accelerated Alternative Program in Initial Licensure in Mild Interventions COE
Accounting, BS, MPAcc LSB
Actuarial Science, BA, BS   LAS
Anthropology, BA LAS
Anthropology and Psychology, BA  LAS
Art + Design, BA  JCA

Arts Administration

  • BS in Arts Administration
  • BS in Dance—Arts Administration
  • BS in Arts Administration—Music
  • BS in Arts Administration—Theatre
Astronomy and Astrophysics, BA, BS  LAS
Biology, BA, BS  LAS
Biochemistry, BA, BS LAS
Business Administration, MBA LSB
Chemistry, BA, BS LAS
Chinese, BA (beginning January 2018) LAS
Classic Studies, BA LAS
  • Ancient Languages Track
  • Greek and Roman Culture Track
Communication Sciences and Disorders, BA  CCOM
Computer Science, BA, BS    LAS
Creative Writing, MFA   LAS
Criminology, BA LAS
Criminology and Psychology, BA  LAS
Critical Communication and Media Studies, BA  CCOM
Dance JCA
  • BA in Dance (Pedagogy)
  • BFA in Dance—Performance
  • BS in Dance (Arts Administration)
Digital Media Production, BA  CCOM
Economics, BA, BSE LAS, LSB
Educational Administration, MS (EPPSP)  COE
Effective Teaching and Leadership, MS (METL)  COE
Elementary Education, BS   COE
English Literature, BA LAS
  • Creative Writing
  • Literary Theory, Culture, and Criticism
  • Literature
  • Public and Professional Writing
English, MA  LAS
Entrepreneurship and Innovation, BS LSB
Environmental Studies, BA, BS LAS
Finance, BS    LSB
French, BA   LAS
Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies, BA    LAS
General Program, AA, AS LAS
German, BA LAS
Healthcare Business, BSHS COPHS
Health Sciences, BSHS COPHS
History, BA, MA   LAS
History and Anthropology, BA LAS
History and Political Science, BA    LAS
Human Communication and Organizational Leadership, BA  CCOM
Individualized Major, BA, BS   LAS
International Business, BS  LSB
International Studies, BA  LAS
  • Africa, Asia, Europe, or Latin America
Journalism, BA CCOM
Management Information Systems, BS  LSB
Marketing, BS    LSB
Mathematics, BA, BS LAS
Middle/Secondary Education, BS COE
Multilingual, BA LAS
Music, BA JCA
Music, BM JCA
  • BM in Composition
  • BM in Jazz Studies
  • BM in Music Education (Choral/General, Instrumental/General,
    or Area—5-year program)
  • BM in Performance (Instrumental, Piano, or Voice)
  • BM in Performance and Music Education (5-year program)
Music, BMA JCA
Music, Graduate Degrees JCA
  • MA in Musicology
  • MM in Composition
  • MM in Conducting (Choral or Instrumental)
  • MM in Music Education
  • MM in Performance (Instrumental, Piano, or Voice)
  • MM in Piano Pedagogy
  • MM with a double major
Peace and Conflict Studies, BA BA
Pharmaceutical Sciences, MS COPHS
  • Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmacy Administration, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutics, Clinical Sciences
Pharmacy, PharmD COPHS
Pharmacy, PharmD/MS in Pharmaceutical Sciences COPHS
Pharmacy, PharmD/MBA COPHS/LSB
Philosophy, BA LAS
Philosophy and Psychology, BA LAS
Philosophy and Religion, BA LAS
Physician Assistant, MPAS COPHS
Physics, BA, BS LAS
Political Science, BA LAS
Political Science and Psychology, BA LAS
Psychology, BA LAS
Psychology and Anthropology, BA LAS
Public Accounting, BS, MPAcc LSB
Recording Industry Studies, BA CCOM
Religion, BA LAS
Risk Management and Insurance, BS LSB
School Counseling, MS COE
Science, Technology, and Society, BA, BS LAS
Sociology, BA LAS
  • Specialization in Social Work and Social Policy
Sociology and Criminology, BA LAS
  • Specialization in Social Work and Social Policy
Sociology and Psychology, BA LAS
  • Specialization in Social Work and Social Policy
Software Engineering, BA, BS LAS
Spanish, BA LAS
Sports Media, BA CCOM
Strategic Communication: Public Relations and Advertising, BA CCOM
Statistics, BA, BS LAS
Theatre JCA
  • BA in Theatre
  • BS in Arts Administration—Theatre
Web Development and Design, BA CCOM

Undergraduate students may choose to add a minor to their study. Minors are posted to the student’s transcript along with the major and degree earned.


Actuarial Science
African Studies
Art + Design
Business Administration
Business Law
Classic Studies
Computer Science
Critical Communication and Media Studies
Data Science
Digital Media Production
Diverse Learners
Early Childhood Education
English Literature
English as a New Language
English Creative Writing
English Public and Professional Writing
Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Environmental Studies
Film Studies
Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies
Healthcare Management

Human Communication and Organizational Leadership
International Business
International Studies
Jazz Studies
Management Information Systems
Peace and Conflict Studies
Political Science
Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration: A Sociological Perspective
Reading Teacher—Elementary
Reading Teacher—Secondary
Recording Industry Studies
Recreation and Sports Studies
Risk Management and Insurance
Science, Technology, and Society
Special Education—Mild Interventions
Sport Coaching
Strategic Communication
Teaching the Visually Impaired
Web Development and Design