Counseling & Consultation Services

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Butler University’s Counseling and Consultation Services is committed to providing mental health services to students in order to help them achieve their academic and personal goals, promote their holistic well-being, and enhance their college experience.  CCS has four essential roles for advancing the educational mission of Butler University:

  1. Providing clinical services, such as individual and group therapy, to students.
  2. Delivering outreach and prevention programs to students and employees.
  3. Providing consultation, crisis intervention, and collaborative services to the campus community.
  4. Provide training and education to master’s and doctoral level mental health providers.

Counseling Center Accredited by the International Accreditation of Counseling Services, Inc.

Bella is excited to come to work every day where she provides support for students in counseling; whether she is helping students reduce their anxiety, consoling grieving students, or simply filling a gap for homesick students missing their family, she is always a comfort.

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“The staff at CCS are always kind and understanding. I cannot recommend them enough.”