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Writers' Studio
Writers' Studio

Become a Peer Tutor

Writers' Studio Peer Tutoring and EN301

Who are the peer tutors?

Undergraduate and graduate students from all majors who staff the Writers' Studio and deliver one-to-one writing conferences and participate in classroom writing workshops. 

How can I become a peer tutor?

Students qualify to become peer tutors in the Writers' Studio after they have successfully completed EN301W Advanced Composition: Theory and Practice of Writing. This course is open to second-semester sophomores and above and qualifies as a writing intensive course.

Admission to the class is by permission only. Interested students are asked to provide an instructor recommendation, a writing sample, completed application form, and interview for a slot in the class. Because our program serves writers across the curriculum, majors from all colleges are encouraged to apply.

What hours will I work and will I be paid?

Peer tutors are asked to commit approximately 6-8 hours per week. Undergraduates are currently paid $8.00/hr. There are often opportunities for additional hours through various Studio workshops and programs.

Note: Anticipated study abroad is not an impediment to becoming a tutor.

Is it possible to take EN301 without becoming a peer tutor?

Yes. We reserve a few places for students in the College of Education who wish to acquire additional preparation in the teaching of writing

For additional information or application forms, contact:

Dr. Sunny Hawkins
Director of the Writers' Studio Peer Tutoring Program
JH 304A