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Writers' Studio
Writers' Studio

Studio Staff

Fall 2019 & Spring 2020 Writers' Studio Staff

Our tutors are experienced writers who are here to help you with your writing needs. All of our staff are students who have received special training on how to be a peer tutor. Not all of our tutors are English majors. Some come from such diverse majors as dance, business, science, psychology, and more! See who they are for yourself, in their own words:

  • Sarah Ault, Fourth Year, Theatre major, Creative Writing minor: 87% that yeah. Pretends to be other people for a living. Cat enthusiast. Goal digger. Seeking the heights.

  • Aisha Bah, Fourth Year, Philosophy & Strategic Communication major: Small person alert. Bangs. Has a talent for telling 3 minute stories in 45 minutes. Tokyo Drift. Always hashtag stressed. 

  • Ben Brown, Fourth Year, Psychology major & Political Science minor: Level 20 procrastinator. Professional amateur adventurer. Horror film aficionado. Combat sport enthusiast. Downtown Battle Mountain II. 

  • Adam Crozier, Third Year, Computer Science & Computer Engineering major

  • Roua Daas, Fourth Year, Psychology & Political Science & French major: Social!! Free Palestine. Psych & Politics. Coffee Lover. Climbing!!

  • Lauren Dauk, Fourth Year, Music Industry Studies major

  • DeTonyea Dikcson, Second Year, Biochemistry major

  • Carli Domingos, Fourth Year, English major & Anthropology minor: Runs on Cold Brew Coffee. Spreads kindness. Resident of Platform 9 3/4. Probably listening to Mayer. Lover of literature.

  • Corinne Ebner, Fourth Year, Organizational Communication major, English Public & Professional Writing minor: Things I think go well together: Tea and Shakespeare; Doc Martens and sunflowers; Dungeons and Dragons; rainbows and black cats; long car trips and Bastille. 

  • Molly Freeman, Second Year, Sociology, French, & Race, Ethnicity, & Immigration major

  • Drew Hauber: Third Year, Critical Communication & Media Studies major, Music Industry Studies minor: Notably tall. Probably off-campus rock climbing. Baltimore, Maryland. Music Enthusiast. Red Bull Connoisseur. 

  • Marissa Klingler: Fourth Year, Arts Administration major, English minor: Artist. Travel enthusiast. Iced coffee admirer. Lover of animals. the sight of the stars makes me dream

  • Jared Kohn, Third Year, English major

  • Angelica Letcher, Second Year, Strategic Communication major

  • Anna Marcou, Second Year, English major

  • John McGuire, Second Year, Exploratory Business major

  • Sarah Murray, Fourth Year, English Public & Professional Writing major, Strategic Communication minor: Cat Person. Marvel Fan. Tea over Coffee. Professionally Overthinks. Prefers Camping to Anything. 

  • Emma Quasny, Second Year, Journalism & Strategic Communication major

  • Hannah Salsbery, Third Year, English & Spanish major: Anything and everything Bachelor related. Dogs <3. Spanish music. La Piedad. 

  • Meghan Singer 

  • Abby Sisson, Fourth Year, International Business & Finance & Spanish major: The one wearing a sweatshirt when it's 90 degrees outside. Language enthusiast. Puppies. Traveling. Pure vida.

  • Abby Slenker, Second Year, Strategic Communication major

  • Genavieve Smith, Fourth Year, Political Science major, Critical Communications & Media Studies minor: Chronically indecisive. Tea enthusiast. Night owl. Professional overthinker. American Horror Story. Studying abroad Fall 2019!

  • Mark Sortino, Second Year, Marketing major & Education minor

  • Katie Stamatis, Second Year, International Business major & German minor

  • Hannah Grace Stroup, Fourth Year, Middle/Secondary Education & English Lit major, Classical Studies minor: Diet Coke/Pepsi. mythology enthusiast. patient and silly. forever writing a novel. rainy day reading.

  • Jamie Tarman, Third Year, Arts Administration major: caffeine addict. artsy. wannabe hippie. rewatching Gossip Girl an eighth time. Taco Bell enthusiast. 

  • Lilly Thumm, Second Year, International Studies & Political Science major, English minor

  • Cece Worley, Fourth Year, English Creative Writing major & Neuroscience minor: ambivert. dancer. loves bad weather. believes in aliens, ghosts, and assorted cryptids. probably overthinking something. 

  • Helen Zorn, Fourth Year, Arts Administration major & Marketing minor: Big Yikes. Anti hot coffee. Huge arts girl. Don't offer me gum unless it's Orbit Sweet Mint. 

Graduate Assistant​

  • Eric Ellis, MFA Poetry: poet. resilient. radical empath. colorless green ideas sleep furiously. survivor. 

Director of Peer Tutoring

  • Sunny Hawkins, BA English (Creative Writing), MA English (Medieval & Renaissance Literature), PhD English (Rhetoric & Composition): Dr. Sunny. Camp Halfblood. Not all who wander are lost. Barefoot and happy. Keep calm and put a pug on it.​