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Writers' Studio
Writers' Studio

Studio Staff

Fall 2018 & Spring 2019 Writers' Studio Staff

Our tutors are experienced writers who are here to help you with your writing needs. All of our staff are students who have received special training on how to be a peer tutor. Not all of our tutors are English majors. Some come from such diverse majors as dance, business, science, psychology, and more!

Our Tutors, in Their Own Words

  • Sarah Ault, Second Year, Theatre & Creative Writing major: Probably not throwing away my shot. Button and pin collector. Weird lipstick enthusiast. Runs on burritos and sushi. Seeking the heights.

  • Aisha Bah, Second Year, Philosophy & Strategic Communication major: Always with the good tunes. Once wrote 500 words in 43 minutes. Great caption maker. Pro finesser.

  • Zoya Barker, Third Year, Political Science/Peace and Conflict Studies major, Gender, Women and Sexualities Studies minor: Usually doodling. Highly caffeinated. Positive vibes. 

  • Ben Brown, Second Year, Psychology & Political Science major: Lofi Hip Hop (chill study beats). Dungeons & Dragons DM. Esports enthusiast. Aspiring adventurer. Time Magazine Person of the Year 2006.

  • Matt Del Busto, Fourth Year, English/Creative Writing & Spanish major: Bean enthusiast. Morning person. Deep squats. Will eat your leftovers. Matt 26:41.

  • Joshua Doering, Third Year, Sports Media major, History minor: Probably watching sports. Lover of American History and Philadelphia. Sleep for exactly 8 hours. Michigan native. Future sports journalist. 

  • Madi Dove, First Year, Criminology & Psychology major: Movie fanatic. Very good at Guitar Hero. Cat mom. Singer. Flower child. 

  • Ben Gross, Third Year, Physics major, Philosophy minor: Cautiously optimistic. Ramen and coffee enthusiast. A Nerdfighter in a band. S.T.E.M for the win. Is an adult?

  • Nathan Hall, Fourth Year, History/Political Science & Spanish major: Global citizen. Soccer fan. Dad joke enthusiast.

  • Lukas Harkins, Fourth Year, Healthcare & Business major: Typically typing. Avid basketball fan. Sportswriter. Music is better with headphones. Both analytics and eye test matter. 

  • Noah Holloway, Fourth Year, English Lit major, History & Music minor: Avid musician. Athlete. Probably watching a Marvel movie. Pre-law student. Student of history, literature, and the art of writing.

  • Brooks Hosfeld

  • Courtney Irwin

  • Kasey Kirchner, Fourth Year, English/Creative Writing major: Aspiring screenwriter. Libra. All I want is a dog and a cup of coffee.

  • Nick Lombardo, Third Year, Finance major, Spanish minor: Cubs fan. Candy corn junkie. Amateur bocce player.

  • Eliza Martin, Fourth Year, Psychology & Spanish major: Pasta lover. Heart is in Spain. School of Rock + The Office superfan. Psychology.

  • Kasey Meeks, Fourth Year, Health Sciences & Chemistry major: Future surgeon, public health advocate, and medical educator. Slytherin. Scorpio. Probably listening to John Denver and talking about science.

  • Marisa Miller, Fourth Year, Journalism & English/Creative Writing major: Should probably be napping right now. Advocate for freedom of the press. Always on Twitter. Thinks she has good jokes. Floral print life.

  • Kacey Mullens, First Year, Finance & Econ major: Avid lover of Patrick Swayze. One Direction Stan. Chips & salsa. Butler legacy. 

  • David Sexton, Political Science & Human Communication and Organizational Leadership major: Butler University Marching Band. Student Initiatives Board. Proud home cook. 

  • Rachel Spodek, Third Year, Music & Political Science major: Aspiring opera singer. Dog mom. Cat lover. Coffee addict. Curly hair.

  • Justin Woodcock, Fourth Year, English/Creative Writing major: Part of the Writers' Studio coffee cult. Crime fiction for days. I realize how much black I wear. Not as edgy as I look. Will talk for days if you let me.

  • Helen Zorn, Second Year, Arts Administration major: Dad joke connoisseur. The clumsiest person you'll ever meet. Avid and proud watcher of MTV reality shows. Proper MLA Format is my middle name.

  • Isabella Primrose Ann: Featured on a bookmark. Queen of shedding. Secretly a cat. Hedgehog enthusiast. Will stare at you for food. 

Graduate Assistant​

  • Nicholas Willy, MFA Creative Writing: Old soul. Maple syrup maker. Tree petter. Finite jest. Enneagram: 4, Meyers Briggs: INFP.

Director of Peer Tutoring

  • Sunny Hawkins, BA English (Creative Writing), MA English (Medieval & Renaissance Literature), PhD English (Rhetoric & Composition): Dr. Sunny. Hufflepuff. Yogi. Tea and biscuits. Bella's mom. Keep calm and put a pug on it.​