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Writers' Studio
Writers' Studio

Studio Staff

Fall 2017 & Spring 2018 Writers' Studio Staff

Our tutors are experienced writers who are here to help you with your writing needs. All of our staff are students who have received special training on how to be a peer tutor. Not all of our tutors are English majors. Some come from such diverse majors as dance, business, science, psychology, and more!

Our Tutors, in Their Own Words

  • Elena DeCook: I once kicked a soccer ball into my own face (she/her).

  • Matt Del Busto: Hungry. Excited. Patient. Hungry. Loves wit. And dad jokes. All the dad jokes.

  • Paige Dempsey: Usually caffeinated, sometimes #smh, always reading 14 books at once.

  • Shelby Jo Eaton: Tutor with the fun colored pens. ABA therapist. Puggles. Broad City. Floral tattoos. Essential oils diffusers. Psych & Soc. 

  • Chris Ebersole: It was white & gold

  • Natalie Farrell

  • Lukas Harkins: Junior Healthcare and Business major. Huge sports fan. 

  • Brooks Hosfeld: Probably wishing I was hiking (he/him, they/them)

  • Katie Hybarger: bold. authentic. adventurer. sports aficionado. applesauce eater. HGTV watcher. Jesus lover. witty goofball. 

  • Courtney Irwin

  • Kasey Kirchner:Fair-trade coffee and fall make her happy. Loves movies and animals. Wishes she could fly.

  • Kasey Meeks: Future surgeon. Yoga instructor. John Denver enthusiast. Tea lover. A human, being. (she/her)

  • Megan Ulrich: Senior English/Spanish major. Gryffindor. Kind human. Quiet Fortitude. Head in the clouds, feet on the ground.

  • Tyler Wagner:  I enjoy cold spaghetti and Brutalist buildings. 

  • Justin Woodcock

Graduate Assistants

  • Sammy Tkac, MFA Creative Writing (Senior GA): Plath-fanatic. Professor Snape. Team Kylo-Ren. Loud music. Adventure Time.
  • Maggie Sweeney, MFA Creative Writing: Wild-ginger-honey-pie.  Jack of all trades, master of none.
  • Nicholas Willy, MFA Creative Writing: Writer, runner, walks with heavy boots.

Director of Peer Tutoring

  • Sunny Hawkins, PhD English: Dr. Sunny. Whovian of House Stark. Hufflepuff. Horror fan. Yogi. Keep calm and write on.