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Writers' Studio
Writers' Studio

Writers' Studio Appointments

Let Us Help You Defeat the White Blank Page 

The Butler Writers' Studio will be open for Face-to-Face appointments beginning March 1, 2021. Until then, clients may choose from our virtual appointment options: synchronous (real-time) Online and asynchronous eTutoring appointments. Please read the policies below before deciding which virtual option is appropriate for you:

  • Online appointments take place in real time using a text chat, document-sharing whiteboard area, and/or audio/video features. For example, if you have an Online appointment scheduled from 10-11am, you will meet with your tutor at that time, online rather than in person. If you and your tutor each have a webcam and microphone, you will be able to see and speak to one another. If you or your tutor do not have these features, or if you choose not to enable them, you will talk with your tutor using WCOnline's real-time chat feature. Online appointments are our preferred option for most clients. In an Online appointment, you can talk with your tutor about your ideas, your organization, your thesis statement, your sources, etc., and your tutor can provide you the individualized instruction that helps you improve as a writer, which is our goal as tutors. Online appointments should be used in all cases except that of a final draft for which you need help with editing, proofreading, or citation or documentation issues - but remember, tutors will not edit or proofread your work for you even in an eTutoring appointment, so if you know you struggle with grammar, mechanics, spelling, or citation or documentation, an Online appointment is more appropriate, because it will allow your tutor to instruct you in the rules you don't understand. 
  • eTutoring appointments do not take place in real time. Rather, you upload a draft to your appointment and your tutor returns the draft to you with comments by the end of your appointment time. If you choose the eTutoring option, you will not interact directly with the tutor. Therefore, eTutoring should only be used for final editing, proofreading, and citation or documentation checks. If you need help developing, organizing, expanding, or revising a draft, you must schedule an Online appointment and plan to meet with your tutor in real time. (Obviously, eTutoring is not an option for helping you to understand an assignment or come up with ideas - for those needs, you should choose an Online appointment option.) If you submit a final draft for eTutoring and your tutor notices issues with focus, development, organization, etc., your tutor will provide you with feedback on grammar, mechanics, spelling, or citation and documentation issues, but they may also suggest that you make an Online appointment to discuss other, more extensive issues with your draft. Similarly, if your tutor notices serious error patterns which suggest you need help understanding the rules of grammar, mechanics, citation or documentation, they may encourage you to make an Online appointment so a tutor can help you learn these rules. 

Tutors do not edit a draft for you. They serve as a second pair of eyes to catch mistakes, they can point out awkward phrasing or incorrect word choice, they can direct you to online resources like the Purdue OWL if they notice error patterns, and they can provide some explanation of citation and documentation rules, but our job as tutors is to help you learn about writing, not to edit a paper for you. Please keep that in mind when you choose the eTutoring option and do not expect a "corrected" paper to be returned to you. 

How Do I Make an Appointment?

Go to WCOnline and register using your Butler email address. You can also cancel and reschedule your appointments via WCOnline. Please be courteous about cancellations! We know your schedule can change at the last minute, but whenever possible, we ask for at least two hours’ notice prior to a cancellation. Please note that tutors will wait 10 minutes for you to arrive for your appointment. If you arrive after 10 minutes, your appointment will be marked as a "no show," to allow us to assist other writers. After three no-shows in one semester, your account will be disabled and you will not be allowed to make appointments at the Studio for the rest of the semester.

Do I Have to Make an Appointment?

Yes. For face-to-face appointments, making an appointment is the best way to ensure a tutor will be available when you need one. For virtual appointments, making an appointment is the only way to access a tutor. 

Should I Bring a Hard Copy to Face-to-Face Appointments?

We're happy to print papers if you really need us to, although our commitment to going green means we encourage tutors to work with your writing on-screen.

Where is the Writers' Studio? 

You can find us on the third floor of Jordan Hall, Rm. 304. 

What If I Have a Question?

You may contact Dr. Sunny Romack, the Director of Peer Tutoring, at or 317-940-6892. The Studio staff can be reached at 317-940-9804 during regular Studio hours, although be aware that if all tutors are assisting clients, calls may not be answered. For accessibility information or to request disability-related accommodations, please visit our Event Accommodations page.