Quarantine Instructions

Read the Quarantine FAQ for detailed information on the quarantine process and duration.

  1. Return to/stay in your current Housing Placement
    • You will need to immediately return to (or remain in) your current housing placement. You will not be able to leave your room after you are placed into quarantine
    • If you would like to return home to quarantine in your permanent residence, you are able to do so.
  2. Monitor Your Symptoms
    • You will be expected to check your temperature each day and monitor your symptoms.
    • Report any symptoms on your Quarantine Survey and call Health Services with any concerns or questions.
    • If you get tested and receive a positive test, you will need to report your result on your Daily Health Screening and call Health Services immediately.
  3. Order Your Meals
    • Dining will provide three meals a day on weekdays and two meals a day on weekends to students in quarantine. These meals will be left outside of the door to your room.
    • You can order your meals here.
    • Meals must be requested prior to 7:00 PM the night before (unless the student is moved into quarantine late in the day) or they will not be delivered.
    • Meals can only be ordered from Atherton. View the menu for today and future days here.
    • Meals will be deducted from your meal plan or charged to your student account if you do not have a meal plan.

    Ending Quarantine

    • Health Services will communicate with you regarding when you are permitted to end quarantine.
  4. Health Services Notice
    • If you develop symptoms while in quarantine, please contact Health Services (during business hours) to make an appointment (317-940-9385) and report your symptoms on your Quarantine Survey. If you experience a medical emergency, call BUPD and they will alert Emergency Medical Services to take you to the emergency room.
    • A member of the contact tracing team will call you to conduct a check-in on Day 5 of your quarantine.
    • Read the Quarantine FAQ for details on when you will be released from quarantine.
  5. Take Care of You

Rules and Regulations

When you returned to campus, you signed an affirmation that you understand and accept your responsibilities as a member of our community. That affirmation states the following:

“Violations of this agreement could result in sanctions as outlined in the Butler Student Handbook up to, and including, permanent dismissal from campus. Such violations could have significant impact, including cancellation of a student’s campus housing and/or cancellation of course enrollment—resulting in possible forfeiture of paid tuition and fees.”

During your quarantine period, you are expected to follow a specific set of rules and regulations. Failure to comply with these rules and regulations will result in removal from campus.

Quarantine Rules and Regulations:

  • Remain in quarantine until you are formally discharged by a Contact Tracer.
  • Do not tleave your pod, suite, or apartment.
  • Please limit your time in the shared spaces of your room (especially when other roommates are present) and wear a mask while outside of your individual room.
  • Do not have guests come over to your room, for any reason.
  • Do not visit students quarantining in other rooms or buildings.
  • Continue to attend virtual classes if you are in quarantine and not experiencing symptoms.
  • Email the Isolation Housing Coordinator (​isolationhousing@butler.edu) if you are having symptoms and need someone to notify your professors that you are unable to attend class.
    • We will not disclose why you are unable to attend class
    • You will be expected to work with your faculty to make up missed assignments

Food Delivery (Outside of Butler Dining)

  • Delivery instructions will need to be provided for the food to be left at the front desk or exterior door of the building (apartments).
  • As students in quarantine are not permitted to leave their room, someone will need to then bring the food inside and leave it outside of your door.
  • The cost of these meals will be at the student’s own expense.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should I still attend classes if they are virtual?
    • Yes, it is expected that you are still attending virtual classes while in quarantine. If classes are in-person, you will not be able to attend.
    • If you need someone to notify your professros that you are unable to attend class, please email the Isolation Housing Coordinator (isolationhousing@butler.edu).
    • It is your responsibility to make up missed work. We encourage you to work directly with your professors to make up assignments, per the syllabus.
  • Can I return home to quarantine?
    • If you would like to return home to quarantine in your permanent residence, you are able to do so. If you decide to leave campus and return home for your quarantine, please alert us at coronavirus@butler.edu and isolationhousing@butler.edu.
  • What should I do if I begin experiencing symptoms?
    • Contact Health Services (during business hours) to make an appointment (317-940-9385)
    • Report your symptoms on your Quarantine Survey.
    • View the Quarantine FAQ for more information on next steps.
  • What happens if I received a positive COVID-19 test result while in quarantine?
    • Report your positive test to Health Services (317-940-9385) if you were tested off campus.
    • View the Quarantine FAQ for more information on next steps while you wait for call from a Contact Tracer.
  • What if I experience a medical emergency while in quarantine?
    • Call the BUPD emergency number (317-940-9999).
    • Let them know you are currently in quarantine and experiencing a medical emergency.
    • Let them know if you need someone to come to your room. If not, meet them at the front door of your building.
  • Can I do laundry/take out the trash?
    • Yes, you are able to leave your room to do laundry/take out the trash.
    • You are expected to wear your mask and sanitize any surfaces you touch while doing these things.
    • Be sure to limit your time by dropping off/picking up laundry/dropping your trash and immediately returning to your room.
  • What about textbooks that I ordered from the bookstore and need to pick up?
    • Have a friend go to the bookstore to pick up your books and drop them off outside of your door.
    • If you need your books to be delivered, please email isolationhousing@butler.edu and someone will work with you and the bookstore to set up a delivery.
  • What do I do if there is a maintenance issue in my room or the building?
    • If you have a minor maintenance issue, please place a maintenance request here.
    • Please note in the request that you are in quarantine, so they can come with the proper protective gear.
    • Please note that not all requests will be responded to immediately due to the nature of quarantine.
    • If you have a maintenance emergency (large leak, plumbing emergency, etc.) please call BUPD (317-940-9999). They will call an emergency maintenance staff member to come handle the situation.
    • If a maintenance staff member does need to enter your room, please wear a mask and remain at least 6 feet away at all times.
  • What do I do in the event of an emergency?
    • If there is any sort of emergency in the building (medical, weather, safety, etc.), please call the BUPD emergency number (317-940-9999).
  • Is there someone I can talk to if I am experiencing distress during quarantine?
  • Will someone be checking on me?
    • You will receive an initial call from a Contact Tracer when you are placed in quarantine.
    • A Contact Tracer will then call you on Day 5 and Day 10 of your quarantine to check in.

Contact List


  • Non-Emergency: 317-940-2873
  • Emergency: 317-940-9999

Isolation Housing Coordinator

Health Services

  • Business Hours: Call 317-940-9385
  • After Hours: Text

Well-Being Resources

Call the BUPD Emergency Number (317-940-9999) in the event of any emergency.