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Butler University Catering

Bowls of cherry smoked gazpacho topped with fried plantainsButler University's exclusive food service provider is Butler Dining Services. All food service arrangements, including dining hall usage and all catering must be made through Butler Dining Services.

It is the responsibility of the client to communicate with Butler Catering more specific details regarding food service needs and table linen. This includes, but is not limited to, meals that are provided in the dining room, meals that are catered, and snack breaks that are needed.


Contact our Catering Team at
Call the catering team at 317-940-9213.

Call your assigned day of coordinator for day-of needs—see your BEO for details.

Starbucks and C-Club

Starbucks is located in Atherton Union next to the Butler University bookstore. You'll find a variety of espresso beverages, coffees, hot chocolates, and hot teas.
Plum Market Kitchen at C-Club is located in the lower level of Atherton Union. Enjoy a wide variety of delicious made to order food, convenient snacks, and smoothies.
*Limited summer hours

Additional Food Service Information


  1. Robert Beltz, Butler Catering Director, will handle any catering needs or those food service concerns outside of the dining room. Robert may be reached at 317-940-9123. Email:
  2. At the time of booking Butler Dining Services requires the phone number and email address of conference/camp coordinator, fax number, current billing address, and type of payment (credit card or check) for the camp or conference.
  3. At the time of booking Butler Dining Services requires the 5-digit service code for an on-campus camp or conference who wishes to charge their department.
  4. For off-campus groups Butler Dining Services requires 50% of the expected total invoice as a deposit 30 days prior to arrival date.
  5. An invoice will be available within one week of the last food and beverage service or event held during the conference or camp stay. Full payment is expected within 30 days of billing.
  6. Late charges may be incurred if payment is not received on time.
  7. Additional cleaning charges may occur up to but not exceeding $50.00 a day if the dining room is left in poor condition (example: trays and trash left on tables).
  8. Last minute changes could also result in additional charges.
  9. Tax will be added to the final bill unless a tax exempt number and form is provided.
  10. All Camps and Conferences will be charged based on the full-day rate or partial-day rate.
  11. No a la carte pricing with the exception of catered meals or snacks.
  12. Charges will be based on guarantee numbers. If more people than what is guaranteed show up for a meal, the higher count will be used. (Example: 72 hours before the camp arrives, Butler Dining Services head count is 150 people. On registration day, if 125 show up, let Butler Dining Services know and that number can be changed for the remainder of the stay, beginning on day two.  At no other time can head counts be changed.)
  13. Individual meal tickets may be purchase at the camp and conference rate for visitors.
  14. Special dietary needs may be accommodated with advance notice. (Example: lactose intolerant or diabetic). Please notify Butler Dining Services no later than one week before your camp or conference of any special dietary needs.
  15. Breakfast menu will consist of at least two hot entrées, breakfast pastries, cereal, fruit, and yogurt.
  16. Lunch and Dinner Menus consist of one meat entrée, one vegetarian entrée, one starch, and one vegetable.
  17. The Grill, Salad Bar, and Deli Bar are available at lunch and dinner only. Additional areas may open based on group size.
  18. Pepsi products, juice, tea, coffee, and milk are available with every meal.

Atherton Union Dining Room Summer Conferences and Camps Procedures

Below are some rules and policies that allow Butler Dining Services to provide the best possible service. Please share these with your summer conference or camp participants.

  1. Shoes and shirts must be worn at all times in the dining room. 
  2. All camps and conference participants must have visible identification when entering the dining room. A lanyard with a room key will be issued to participants upon check-in at the residential hall.  The lanyard and room key will serve as individual identification in the dining room.
  3. All camps and conference participants must STOP at the cashier stand to be checked-in.
  4. All camps and conference participants can enter the dining room once during a meal period. If a participant needs to leave the dining room for any reason please let the cashier know so the participant is not counted twice.
  5. All trays, china, flatware, and glassware must be returned to the dish room before leaving the dining room. Please remember to remove silverware and paper from the trays.
  6. All camps and conference participants will demonstrate respectable and age-appropriate behavior at all times in the dining room. No horse-play or foul language is allowed.
  7. All camps and conference participants under the age of 16 will be chaperoned at all times in the dining room.
  8. Lost and found items will be held by the dining room manager until the end of service on that day. After that items will be taken to the Residential College Office front desk.
  9. Please notify your Butler Dining Services contact at least one week prior to the beginning of your camp or conference regarding any special dietary needs.