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UnitedHealthcare Academy at Butler University

UnitedHealthcare Academy Program Details

UnitedHealthcare is seeking engaging, empathic, driven, and competitive students for an opportunity to work in sales and insurance through a multi-year program during your time at Butler University. The opportunity to apply is open to any current first-year student with an interest in sales, marketing, and leadership. If accepted into the program, you will then earn a degree in Marketing with a focus in Risk Management and Insurance from the Lacy School of Business. 

As a participant in the UnitedHealthcare Academy at Butler University, you will take relevant coursework in marketing, sales insurance, and general business. To supplement this curriculum, you will also have access to continuous work-based learning experiences with UnitedHealthcare. This program will begin the summer before your sophomore year and will last until you graduate from Butler. 

Throughout the academic year, you will work at UnitedHealthcare at least 10 hours a week with the opportunity to work more if your schedule allows. During the summer, you will work at UnitedHealthcare full-time. Remote work is a possibility. You will advance to a variety of functional roles throughout the course of the program, experiencing different aspects of work-based learning and earning competitive compensation. Apply today. Please note: the application link will direct you to UnitedHealthcare's Career Portal where you will apply for the intern role, which serves as your application for the UnitedHealthcare Academy. 

Work-based experiences include: 

Enrollment Specialist

You will assist customers with completing their applications for health insurance, a critical step in the sales process. Working directly with customers and internal advisors, you will sharpen communication skills, learn new computer programs, and have initial exposure to UnitedHealthcare's portfolio of products.

This role will be performed prior to obtaining your professional life and health license. It may also be a role performed in conjuction with other roles after obtaining your license to provide callers with a seamless customer experience. 

Sales Support Specialist

After obtaining your professional life and health license, you will play a vital role in our sales process. You will learn how to support customers through their shopping journey by answering follow-up questions related to our products, and will work to assist internal product advisors by helping finalize coverage recommendations and guide customers to enrollment.

This work experience will take place the summer before and throughout your sophomore year of college.  

Product Advisor

UnitedHealthcare customers need an advocate to help them understand all of their insurance options, and within this role, you will help match them with insurance products that best fit their needs and can help improve their lives. You will learn the steps of our consultative sales process, and have the opportunity to assist customers who have contacted UnitedHealthcare for help and guidance.

This work experience will begin the summer before your junior year and will run through your graduation from Butler.

In addition to these work-based learning experiences, you will also complete internships with UnitedHealthcare during your college career. The internship opportunities allow you to gain greater exposure to UnitedHealthcare's company culture and continue to engage in activities that promote your professional and skill development. 

Through participation in this program, you will develop a hybrid skill set across communications, business administration, insurance and risk management, professional selling, and sales management. Upon completion of the Academy, you will be prepared to help individuals meet their insurance needs through a consultative sales approach. 

In the last year of the program, you will step through the process for consideration of full-time employment post graduation. If offered a full-time position, you will be provided with a full set of benefits, continue to have access to professional development opportunities, and may later be eligible to pursue other highly sought after UnitedHealthcare career pathways.