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Theatre for all stages

Theatre Study Abroad

Butler University encourages students to study in international settings as part of their academic experience. Theatre majors may choose to study for a semester, year or summer vacation period during their junior year. All theatre majors continue taking courses in theatre and/or core curriculum while studying abroad, without losing progress toward their undergraduate degrees. All grades earned are posted to an official Butler University transcript.

All students who wish to study abroad must apply through the Center for Global Education. The Center for Global Education provides study abroad advising, organizes pre-departure and reentry sessions, and maintains Butler's list of Approved Programs for Overseas Study. This list of overseas study opportunities offers a wide variety of options to Butler students interested in studying abroad during the academic year. All programs on the list meet Butler's high standards for academic excellence.

Where Can I Study Abroad?

Butler runs a comprehensive study abroad program that encourages students in their junior year to study at a university overseas for one semester. The following countries have emerged as the most popular destinations for theatre majors:

  • Australia
  • United Kingdom
  • Ireland
  • Spain
  • Germany
  • China (Hong Kong)
  • Ghana
  • Scotland
  • Italy
  • New Zealand
  • India
  • Peru

Decisions on which country to study in reflect the diversity of interest and skill development among our theatre majors: for example, Australia is favored by those interested in combining theatre and film studies; Spain, Germany, China and South America by those studying a foreign language, and the United Kingdom for a range of options in acting technique, directing and arts administration.