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2020–2021 Season Announcement

Announcing Butler Theatre’s 2020-2021 Season!


Shel Silverstein's Lafcadio, the Lion Who Shot Back 

by Shel Silverstein

Adapted & Directed by Elaina Artemiev

Lafcadio is a young lion who does not know what a hunter is but soon finds out--and decides that he wants to be one, too! Shel Silverstein's charming story contains a great lesson about being true to oneself. This production will be staged in the beautiful Shelton Auditorium on Butler's South Campus at CTS and is geared towards the young and young at heart. 

Shelton Auditorium 

October 8-10, 2020

Lafcadio Program 

Lafcadio Study Guide 


by Sophocles

Adapted & Directed by Madeline Sayet, Christel DeHaan Visiting International Theatre Artist (VITA)

Sophocles’ classic play in a brand-new, contemporary adaptation by Madeline Sayet, Butler Theatre's Christel DeHaan Visiting International Theatre Artist. The production carries this timeless tragedy into the present, to ask the question: What would it take to live in a just world?

Schrott Center for the Arts 

November 5-7, 2020

Antigone Program 


The Living 

by Anthony Clarvoe 

Directed by Constance Macy 

This haunting play about the Great Plague of London deals with the 17th Century tragedy in a way that illuminated the AIDS epidemic when it was first produced in the early 1990s. Today, The Living resonates with our new COVID-19 world in profound and provocative ways. This sweeping story will be brought to life by Butler Theatre Majors under the direction of one of Indianapolis' favorite actors, Constance Macy.

Clowes Memorial Hall

February 26, 2021

The Living Program 


Fleeting Full 2.0

5 beckett plays

By Samuel Beckett 

Conceived and Directed by William Fisher 

Watch the livestreamed event.

Originally slated for April 2020, this production of Beckett plays is being re-envisioned for 2021. Samuel Beckett, famously known for his landmark play, Waiting for Godot, is a Butler Theatre favorite. This collection of evocative texts is packed with power and subtlety, pathos, and humor. Be prepared for an evening of live theatre that incorporates projected interactive animation and real-time video.  

Lilly Hall Studio Theatre 

April 15–17, 2021

Fleeting Full Program