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COE METL program
Effective Teaching & Leadership Program

Teacher Research

An integral component of the METL program is our commitment to teacher research. The Core curriculum of the program is designed to introduce educators to the impact that research can have on their own classrooms and professional growth. If you're not familiar teacher research, we invite you to learn more.

What is teacher research?

Teacher research is a way of teaching that is natural to the everyday life of the classroom. Educators observe, collect data, and analyze it on a daily basis to meet the needs of their students. Educators often try to view classroom life through the students' eyes, thinking about their perspectives and actions. Teacher research is powerful and opens doors to new possibilities, allowing once invisible aspects of the classroom to emerge and new understandings to formulate.

What is the purpose of teacher research in the METL program?

Teacher research gives graduate students the opportunity to take an in-depth look at their students and their teaching practice, and assists educators in developing a voice as a teacher. It provides a meaningful, hands-on experience that creates change in their classroom practices as they act as reflective practitioners.

Teacher research is one avenue to meet the METL Goals and Five Core Propositions of National Board. Each goal is reflected in the work that teacher researchers do.

It is our hope that teacher research opens new eyes to the classroom, enabling graduate students to become aware of their practices, promote teacher leaders, and encourage advocacy for learners.

What are the goals of teacher research for graduate students?

Teacher research will give our students the opportunity to:

  • Examine in-depth their teaching
  • Ask questions
  • Collect and analyze data
  • View the classroom from the learner's perspective
  • Become teacher leaders
  • Inspire professional empowerment
  • Enhance students' understanding of teaching as moral and interpersonal work
  • Pursue inclusive and equitable education
  • Increase knowledge and skill in the art and craft of teaching
  • Promote an understanding of teaching as intellectual and creative work
  • Develop learning communities

What books can I read that are written by teacher researchers?

  • Imagination and Literacy: A Teacher's Search for the Heart of Learning by Karen Gallas
  • Sometimes I Can Be Anything: Power, Gender, and Identity in a Primary Classroom by Karen Gallas
  • Reading Families: The Literate Lives of Urban Children by Catherine Compton-Lilly
  • Regarding Children's Words: Teacher Research on Language and Literacy by the Brookline Teacher Research Seminar
  • Immigrant Students and Literacy: Reading, Writing and Remembering by Gerald Campano
  • Teaching through the Storm: A Journal of Hope by Karen Hale Hankins
  • The Girl with the Brown Crayon by Vivian Paley
  • White Teacher by Vivian Paley
  • A Child's Work by Vivian Paley
  • Teacher by Sylvia Ashton-Warner
  • Under Deadman's Skin: Discovering the Meaning of Children's Violent Play by Jane Katch
  • Jamie by Diane Parker

What resources are available on teacher research?

  • Living the Questions: A Guide for Teacher Researchers by Ruth Shagoury Hubbard and Brenda Power Miller
  • Inside/Outside: Teacher Research and Knowledge by Marilyn Cochran-Smith and Susan L. Lytle
  • What Works? A Practical Guide for Teacher Research by Elizabeth Chisseri-Strater and Bonnie S. Sunstein
  • Reclaiming the Classroom: Teacher Research as an Agency for Change by Dixie Goswami and Peter Stillman
  • The Art of Classroom Inquiry: A Handbook for Teacher-Researchers by Ruth Shagoury Hubbard and Brenda Miller Power
  • A Teacher's Guide to Classroom Research by David Hopkins
  • Teacher Researchers at Work by Marion S. Maclean, Marian M. Mohr and the National Writing Project
  • Teacher Research for Better Schools by Courtney Rogers, Betsy Sanford, Mary Ann Nocerino, and Marion Maclean
  • Good Day, Bad Day: Teaching as a High Wire Act by Ken Winograd
  • Teacher Research (George Mason University)