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HRC Swimming Pool

Swim Lesson FAQs

Below are some general FAQs regarding swim lessons. FAQs specific to the type of lesson (i.e., group, private, semi-private) are located on those pages. 

What is the make-up policy?

Our new Make-up Policy only allows for make-ups due to illness or cancellations due to weather. Therefore, you will not be able to make-up a lesson due to vacations, school functions, or appointments.

Where should I park?

Parking is located to the right outside of the Health and Recreation Complex in the Hinkle Fieldhouse parking lot. You can also park along the street or in the parking garage on the corner of Lake Road and Sunset Avenue, just south of the Health and Recreation Complex.

When should I arrive?

Please try to arrive 5–10 minutes before your lesson starts in order to be ready for the instructor at the starting time. 

What should the student wear/bring?

Your student should bring a bathing suit and towel. The Health and Recreation Complex is not responsible for providing towels. A cap and goggles can be worn, but are not required. Infants and toddlers not potty trained must wear swim diapers.

How many lessons will it take for the student to learn how to swim?

Every student is different, therefore the number of lessons range considerably. Our instructors adjust and adapt their lessons to how their students learn in order to maintain an appropriate pace for the child's level and ability. 

How does severe weather effect lessons?

Tornado Warning: If a tornado warning is issued during swim lessons, all participants must get out of the water and go into the locker rooms until it is clear.

  • If the lesson has already gone 20 minutes, it will be considered a full lesson. 
  • If under 20 minutes, a make-up lesson will be scheduled.

Snow Cancellations: Lessons will only be cancelled due to snow if the roads are hazardous to drive and/or the University closes.

  • The decision to cancel will be made at least one hour before the start time of lessons. 
  • Please call 940-4HRC to find out if lessons are cancelled. 
  • The lesson will be rescheduled.