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At its core, sustainability is about interconnectedness or interrelationships between economic, equity, and environmental systems, i.e. the three E’s of sustainability. Classes can vary in the depth of sustainability coverage and aim to describe the relationships between the course topic and one or two of the three E’s of sustainability. A minimum of two components are required as it is the articulation of the intersections that define sustainability and not the areas themselves. Sustainability classes can be found in a variety of departments and can enrich local and global civic connections of disciplinary content to any career path.

Current list of sustainability classes

Sustainability-focused course Sustainability-related course
Venn diagram illustrating the intersection of all three dimensions of sustainability in the context of a sustainability-focused course Venn diagram illustrating the intersection of a dimension of sustainability with a topic in an additional dimension of sustainability in the context of a sustainability-related course
Sustainability Course Criteria and Comparisons

Recognizes interconnections between equity, economy, and environment

Sustainability Focused

The primary and explicit focus of the class is sustainability and/or the entire course discusses the intersection of two out of the three dimensions of sustainability.

Examples: Environmental Economics, Eco Literacy

Sustainability Related

Class focused on another topic, but includes a section on sustainability and/or class focuses on one of the components of sustainability and includes a section connecting an additional area of sustainability.

Examples: Economics with a chapter on sustainable economics and/or economics that has a chapter on environmental economics; American Writers with a chapter on ecofeminism in literature

Not a Sustainability Course

Class focuses on only one topic and does not bring in an additional sustainability component.

Example: English

Is your class a sustainability class? Email to get your class added to the list.