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Butler Fund for Student Scholarship


Fellow Bulldogs,

Thanks to the support of alumni, parents, students, and friends, Butler University’s momentum today is unprecedented. Our campus has been transformed by long-overdue capital investments in
the student experience—including improvements to academic, research, residential, performance,
and athletic spaces.

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Interest in Butler is at an all-time high, with first-year applications increasing more than 100 percent since 2010. In the 2020 U.S. News & World Report Best Colleges Rankings, Butler was named No. 1 Regional University in the Midwest for the second consecutive year. Butler was also ranked the No. 1 Most Innovative School among Midwest Regional Universities for the fifth straight year, as well as the No. 1 Best College for Veterans, and within the top-10 schools for Undergraduate Teaching among Midwest Regional Universities.

Butler’s placement rate for graduates is 98 percent, and outperforms peers across many areas of alumni assessment—including faculty support and experiential learning. Our BUBeWell program has become a national model for student wellness and growth and the University’s study abroad program now offers more than 200 programs in over 60 countries.

Despite these great accomplishments, we continue to face a tremendous obstacle: making a Butler education affordable for all students. We need your help to overcome this challenge.

Last year, Butler University provided over $77 million in student scholarships—but only $3.1 million of that amount was funded by donors. Your generous support of the new Butler Fund for Student Scholarship will help close this gap. Through this fund, our goal is to double the amount of donor-funded scholarships provided to Butler students each year.

Please make a gift to the Butler Fund for Student Scholarship today. Your gift will help ensure that future generations of Bulldogs can experience the transformative power of a Butler education, regardless of financial circumstances.

My wife Bethanie and I feel so strongly about this fund that we have supported it personally. I hope you will join us in making a financial gift.

Thank you for all you do to support our great University and its outstanding students.

James M. Danko
President, Butler University


Support the Butler Fund for Student Scholarship

Butler University has steadily grown our financial aid allocation to nearly $78 million per year, but we need your help to further strengthen our academic programs and expand the financial resources available to our students and their families. Please make your Butler Fund gift today so students can continue to experience the superior education that can only be offered at Butler University.

A graphic showing statistics about the Butler Fund for Student Scholarship. It reads: $74 Million in scholarships funded by butler; $31. million in scholarships funded by donors; 96% of Butler Students receive financial aid.

The State of Indiana offers Indiana residents a 50 percent tax credit for each dollar donated to Butler University in 2019, up to $200 in donations or up to $100 in tax credit. The tax credit is applied to your state tax return, either reducing the amount of taxes owed or providing a refund on taxes paid. This benefit is doubled for individuals filing a married or joint return to a total of up to $400 in donations yielding up to $200 in tax credit.

Employer Matching Gifts

You can increase the impact of your gift by making use of your company’s matching gift program. To see if your company is eligible, please visit