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My dream of attending Butler became a reality because alumni and friends chose to give back—The Butler Way.

The Butler Way means something different to everyone. To some it may embody the spirit of Butler’s athletic teams, prestigious arts programs, or distinguished academics. To me, The Butler Way represents the blue give badge that links to giving formendless opportunities that await students during their time on campus because of the selflessness and generosity of donors like you.

I have known since fourth grade that I wanted to attend Butler University. However, as a student paying for tuition myself, I realized that a Butler education is a big investment. Without the scholarships made possible by donor gifts, Butler would not have been an option for me.

My experience on campus has been amazing – it is the home I had always imagined. I am supported by my professors, challenged in the classroom, and have created lasting friendships. I am so grateful for the generous donors who believe in student success and are making my story possible.

Please make your gift today so that more students like me can experience The Butler Way.

With gratitude,

Gracen ’22
International Business and Marketing

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Support the Butler Fund

Butler University has steadily grown our financial aid allocation to $68 million per year, but we need your help to further strengthen our academic programs and expand the financial resources available to our students and their families. Please make your Butler Fund gift today so students can continue to experience the superior education that can only be offered at Butler University.

The State of Indiana offers Indiana residents a 50 percent tax credit for each dollar donated to Butler University in 2018, up to $200 in donations or up to $100 in tax credit. The tax credit is applied to your state tax return, either reducing the amount of taxes owed or providing a refund on taxes paid. This benefit is doubled for individuals filing a married or joint return to a total of up to $400 in donations yielding up to $200 in tax credit.

Employer Matching Gifts

You can increase the impact of your gift by making use of your company’s matching gift program. To see if your company is eligible, please visit