Annual and Ongoing Programs

This page is dedicated to providing students with the materials and resources needed when starting an existing or new volunteer project. Some of the opportunities below do not have a page linked yet, so please be patient as we work to compile that information for you. Thank you!

Annual Programs

Ongoing Programs

Interested in getting more involved with a nonprofit agency? Need to fulfill service hours but don’t know where to start? Check out the information below to get started in your search!

Search the non-profit agency directory

The Volunteer Center has compiled information on over a hundred non-profit organizations in and around Indianapolis. You can access this information via our online non-profit agency directory, which is categorized both alphabetically and by interest. You can find out everything about each organization, from their basic mission to contact information to internship inquiries.

Sign up for the Volunteer Listserv

Every week, the Volunteer Center staff compiles a listserv containing information on service opportunities in the Indianapolis area and around the nation. To sign up for our listserv, simply email the Volunteer Center and specify that you would like to be added.

View our current opportunities list

The Volunteer Center compiles information on current volunteer opportunities in Indianapolis and at Butler. We continuously update the lists on our website. Check out our opportunities page to find out more.