About the Volunteer Center


The mission of the Butler University Volunteer Center is to assist members of the Butler University community in finding meaningful volunteer experiences and to provide opportunities to reflect on these experiences; thereby deepening the education of students and making a significant contribution of service to Indianapolis and the larger community.


The vision of the Volunteer Center is to create a brave and innovative space that empowers the Butler community through the exploration of intentional, impactful, and educational community involvement.


  • A weekly listserv of upcoming and ongoing service opportunities (email us at volunteer@butler.edu and indicate within the email if you would like to be put on our listserv)
  • Monthly service projects throughout Indianapolis
  • Individual service consultations
  • Support for planning group service projects
  • The Volunteer Opportunities listserv serving student organizations
  • Contacts and resources for Indianapolis-based community agencies
  • An interactive and informative website

Critical program elements are preparation, action, and reflection.

  1. To educate the “whole” student through community involvement
  2. To actively promote volunteerism and volunteer opportunities to members of the Butler University community
  3. To serve as a liaison between university volunteer and community service agencies
  4. To assist individuals and groups in finding worthwhile volunteer experiences
  5. To lend support to new an existing volunteer activities and groups on campus
  6. To enhance students’ understanding of societal issues through experiential learning
  7. To educate our future community leaders and prepare them for what they will face
  8. To recognize and celebrate the volunteer efforts of members of the Butler University community

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