Student Organizations within the Diversity Center

At Butler University, we have a wide array of opportunities for our students to get involved.  There are over 150 student organizations on campus including several cultural and social awareness organizations that aim to provide intersectional, educational, and social programming across various identity groups. Cultural and social awareness organizations play a major and active role in advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts on our campus that support Butler University students becoming global citizens.

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  • Asian & Pacific Islander Alliance (APIA)
    • Asian & Pacific Islander Alliance is a student body that seeks to empower and educate. We strive to provide a sense of community for Asian & Pacific Islander students on campus, and we aim to promote understanding of the vast array of Asian & Pacific Islander cultures.
    • @ apia_bu
  • Gender Equity Movement (GEM)
    • The Gender Equity Movement focuses on awareness and advocacy for everyone on the gender spectrum. GEM strives to be a safe space for all. The Gender Equity Movement, or GEM, is Butler’s gender inclusivity organization. The name GEM is a homage to the first black woman to graduate from Butler University, Gertrude Amelia Mahorney.
    • @ gematbutler
  • Black Student Union (BSU)
    • The mission of the Black Student Union is to serve its members by creating a support system for Black students at Butler University. BSU aims to celebrate Black cultures, communities, and history by raising consciousness, by educating students, and through other programming.  It addresses concerns on behalf of the membership of Black students and people of color on campus, within the country and abroad through consciousness raising, social activism and community service.
    • butleru_bsu
  • Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP)
    • NSJP’s work is centered on freedom, justice, and equality for the Palestinian people, who have been living without basic rights under Israeli military occupation and colonialism since 1948. We believe that all struggles for freedom, justice, and equality are interconnected and that we must embody the principles and ideals we envision for a just society. NSJP stands against homophobia, misogyny, racism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, classism, colonialism, ableism, and bigotry and discrimination of any form.
    • @ sjpbutler_
  • Butler LGBTQIA+ Alliance
    • Alliance is a safe space for LGBTQ+ individuals and allies to come and find community. We focus on cultivating a safe, engaging environment to educate and communicate with each other, get involved in activism, learn new skills, and have fun! Alliance activities include discussion circles, game nights, field trips, drag shows, dances, craft nights, fundraising, and more. Our office is located in the Diversity Center in the basement of Atherton Union, with office hours every day of the academic week. All are welcome to join regardless of sexuality or gender.
    • @ butleralliance
  • Latinx Student Union
    • Latinx Student Union is dedicated to developing, educating, empowering, and uniting Latinx students with the purpose of fostering a community and safe space on Butler’s campus.
    • @ bu_latinxsu
  • International Club
    • The International Club encourages and promotes social and intellectual interchange and mutual understanding and appreciation of cultures among Butler students of all nationalities, while simultaneously aiding the integration of Butler international students into a new culture, location, and university.
    • @bu_internationals