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Student Handbook
Butler Student Handbook

Grievance Procedure

The University recognizes that situations may arise in which a student believes he/she has been treated unjustly. All members of the University community should attempt to resolve grievances as soon as possible as, typically, the opportunity to gather information and for mutually satisfactory resolution is greatest at the earliest point in time. Students may choose to consult with a member of the student affairs staff to determine how best to address their concern. Students who are concerned about an academic/faculty issue may discuss the concerns directly with the instructor, the department chair, or the dean of their college. Students who are concerned about a matter not related to academics/faculty should address them with the director or dean responsible for the area of concern. If these steps do not achieve a resolution, the student may contact the President, Provost or Vice President for Student Affairs for assistance. Please refer to specific sections of the student handbook for more information on grievances involving student conduct, academic integrity, sexual misconduct, harassment and discrimination.