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Student Handbook
Student Conduct

Wet vs. Dry Campus

When people say Butler is a "Wet" campus, what does that really mean?

Some college/universities take a position that NO alcoholic beverages may be served on campus or at institution events…period. Some might consider this a "Dry" campus.

Butler University allows alcohol to be served and consumed on campus proper and at University-sponsored events, but it does so with a whole host of guidelines and restrictions (see links below).  Above all, members of our community are expected to follow Indiana state law. Within the framework of state law, we seek to provide safe and healthy social interactions that contribute to a positive living-learning environment.

According to our student alcohol policy, it is NEVER okay to…

  • Consume alcohol if you are under 21.
  • Provide alcohol to minors.
  • Provide a venue for minors to consume alcoholic beverages.
  • Misrepresent one's age in order to access/consume alcohol.
  • Use student organization funds to purchase alcoholic beverages without permission from the Vice President of Student Affairs.
  • Walk around campus grounds, including sidewalks adjacent to campus, with open containers regardless of one's age.
  • Consume alcohol in University buildings/facilities or at University-sponsored events unless the criteria below are satisfied.

It is okay to…

  • Call for help when someone has consumed too much and needs medical evaluation. When students call for assistance they will be immune from minor in possession/consumption consequences with the University and with law enforcement. When one does call for help, one can expect an invitation by a Student Affairs staff member to discuss the incident.
  • Consume alcohol in your residence hall room/apartment (with the door closed) if you and all others present are 21 or older.
  • Provide alcohol at University-sponsored events/activities if appropriate permissions are granted within the established time frames. We engage third-party vendors to provide and serve alcohol.  These vendors have the appropriate training, licenses and insurance. For most campus-sponsored events this is accomplished through our Butler Dining catering department.