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Student Conduct

Conduct Probation

What Does it Mean to be on Conduct Probation?

Conduct probation is a period of observation and review during which a student must demonstrate a willingness and ability to comply with all University regulations. Conduct probation is different and separate from academic probation, which occurs when students fail to meet the minimum cumulative GPA requirement of 2.0. Conduct probation is noted in a student's conduct record, but not on the student's academic transcript.

The probation period might be set for a semester, an academic year, or even through a student's graduation. Sometimes stipulations are attached to conduct probation. Once the stipulations are met and/or the period of observation is over, the student returns to good standing.

Some of the stipulations of conduct probation can include:

  • Students are prohibited from participation in Greek recruitment.
  • Involvement in key campus leadership positions is restricted.
  • Housing options and participation in the room selection lottery is restricted.
  • Students may be prohibited from entering residence halls, campus apartments, and other University facilities.
  • Membership in student organizations and participation in University-sponsored activities may be withheld.  This could include participation in study abroad programs.
  • A psychological or drug/alcohol assessment by a certified professional could be required.  Students are held to any recommendations that result from the assessment.

Further behavioral incidents can result in extending the terms of conduct probation, a return to conduct probation, and/or the student can be suspended from the University for a designated period of time.