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Student Handbook
Student Conduct

Understand the Rules

Rules? What rules?

No surprise… Butler has established rules, regulations, policies, and guidelines that YOU are expected to know. You can probably guess most of them right off the top of your head, but it might be a good idea to really know what they are.

The official statements can be found in the online Student Handbook. (Hint: There is a lot of good information in the Handbook in addition to the rules.) Click the link to review all of the official wording in the Rights and Responsibilities section… or keep reading below for the "CliffsNotes" version.

Butler's Rules of Conduct in Plain Speak

Rule #1: Follow all of the rules.

Rule #2: Let activities of the University occur as they should. Personal expression is a good thing but disruption is… well, disruptive.

Rule #3: Don't hurt anybody or damage anybody's stuff.

Rule #4: If it's not yours leave it alone, and at all times present yourself truthfully.

Rule #5: If you live in University-owned housing there are more rules to know, many of which deal with how to get along and stay safe while living in close quarters. They are found here.

Rule #6: Treat others with respect and compassion. Intentional meanness is not okay. Everyone in our Community of Care deserves to feel safe and accepted. Speak and act with a kind heart.

Rule #7: Don't enter places if you don't have permission to be there.

Rule #8: Keep your clothes on (unless you are in the shower) and keep ugly words and gestures to yourself.

Rule #9: Illegal drugs and controlled substances are illegal and should not be here.

Rule #10: Other things that are not welcome here: firearms, fireworks, explosives and other dangerous weapons. They are disruptive and can hurt people.

Rule #11: At Butler we have designated areas if you choose to smoke. Find out where they are and keep your cigarette butts there.

Rule #12: If a University official asks you to do something - do it. This is especially important in emergency situations and during fire drills.

Rule #13: Every state in the nation says alcoholic beverages are not to be consumed or provided to people under the age of 21. Indiana and Butler are on board with that idea too.

Rule #14: Any violation of a city/state/federal law can cause a problem here too. (Return to Rule #1 and read ALL very broadly.)