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Student Handbook
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Our Approach to Alcohol

The prevalence of alcohol on college campuses is a reality. Within the framework of one's personal values, Butler students will make choices about whether to consume or not. The University provides education about alcohol's effects on the body, about the potential consequences of use and misuse, and about how to recognize when someone needs medical intervention. We encourage students to make safe, healthy and legal choices.

Educational Programs

  • Incoming students are asked to complete an online course entitled Think About It, that will review consent, healthy relationships, substance use, sexual violence, stalking, mental health, and making responsible choices as an adult and a member of our community.
  • Within the first week of arriving on campus in August, incoming students participate in a peer-led conversation entitled Red Cup Culture to converse about the campus social scene.
  • Residence life staff members, PAWS/GEAR peer health educators, and Greek leaders host activities throughout the year.
  • Students found responsible for violations of the alcohol policy may be directed to:
    • An online self-assessment tool:  360 Proof Personal Feedback Index
    • An in-house alcohol & other drug seminar or a mandated substance assessment.
    • The Community Restoration Project, a three-hour campus clean up activity.
    • Take the Challenge, a three-hour workshop led by Butler Challenge Education staff.

Student Alcohol Policy

On-Campus Support

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