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Annual Tuition Update

January 24, 2020

Dear Butler Parents and Students,

The Butler University Board of Trustees has approved new rates for the 2020-2021 academic year. Tuition increased 2.5 percent, the lowest increase in two decades. Room either remained flat or increased up to 3 percent (depending on the facility), and board increased 2.5 percent.

We want to assure you that we are committed to managing costs and providing access to a Butler education for all students. We know that a college education is a major investment, and because of that, these decisions are made with great care. We also know that investing in a Butler education is well worth the cost, as proven by our current student contributions and those of our graduates.

The University’s new strategic vision and comprehensive campaign, Butler Beyond, is focused on empowering students by making a Butler education financially accessible, elevating learning opportunities, and engaging the communities around us. Now, more than ever, we are ensuring our campus is continuously—and proactively—evolving to meet the needs of every student. This, in turn, elevates the value of a Butler degree for all graduates—present and future.

The largest portion of our operating budget is dedicated to attracting and retaining exceptional faculty and staff. Investing in top-notch professionals translates into high-quality academic programs, innovations in teaching and learning, and life-long relationships between students and professors. 

These efforts have been recognized, with U.S. News and World Report naming Butler as the No. 1 Regional University in the Midwest for the second consecutive year. Butler was also ranked the No. 1 Most Innovative School among Midwest Regional Universities for the fifth straight year, as well as within the top-20 among nationally ranked schools in first-year experience, senior capstone experience, and study abroad opportunities. In fact, approximately two-thirds of Butler graduates agree or strongly agree that they have the ideal job for them, about 10 percentage points higher than the national average. Providing this kind of experience would not be possible without investing in outstanding people.

We also provide institutional aid to more than 95 percent of our students in the form of merit, need, and/or talent-based awards. Representing almost 30 percent of the University’s expenses, $78 million is dedicated to the financial aid budget. As we welcomed our third-largest first-year class this past fall, we remain more committed than ever to making a Butler education accessible to all students and families.

With a growing student body, a commitment to the student experience, and the investment in state-of-the-art facilities, we must continue to maintain our existing services, infrastructure, and technology, while also capitalizing on new opportunities. Although generous portions of these investments, such as new construction, are paid for through partnerships and fundraising efforts, we still continue to see escalating costs for operating, maintaining, and upgrading our campus—all of which is essential for a 21st century education.

And while the numbers tell part of the story, what is missing is the value returned. Butler students have ready access to their professors, as well as superior facilities to live and study in. They are part of a University committed to pursuing priorities that set us apart.

Butler outcomes are top-notch. Ninety-eight percent of Bulldogs are employed or attending graduate school within six months of graduation. But, more importantly, our graduates are engaged in work they truly care about: 65 percent of Butler graduates say they like what they do each day, and they are motivated to achieve their goals. That compares to the national average of 53 percent. Butler students receive a great education that prepares them to feel fulfilled while taking their place in the world as leaders in their fields.

Thank you for trusting us with providing an educational experience for you or your family member. We pledge to continue to be transparent and responsible when it comes to your investment.


Bruce Arick
Vice President for Finance and Administration
Butler University