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Student Accounts

Acceptance of Financial Responsibility

Butler University policy requires all students to complete the Acceptance of Financial Responsibility (AFR) process each semester prior to enrollment.  The AFR statement outlines the student's commitment to pay ALL expenses incurred at Butler University (including any penalties that result due to past due payments).  To complete, review our navigational video OR complete the steps outlined below.

This requirement must be completed prior to enrollment.  To complete the process, students log into their account and navigate to: 

  • Self Service Student Homepage, then Student Center.
  • Under the Finances section, click on Accept Financial Responsibility.  
  • Review the complete AFR statement by scrolling down the text box and click on the button next to Accept Terms and Conditions.
  • Click SAVE.

By completing ALL steps, the Service Indicator (which prevents enrollment) will automatically be removed from the student's account.

Problems logging into   Please contact the Help Desk at 317-940-4357 or email