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Student Accounts

Refund Policy

There are two types of refunds.

1.  Refund of tuition charge.
When students withdraw at certain times indicated on the Institutional Tuition Refund Schedule, the student receives a credit of the tuition cost for the courses dropped. If the student withdraws from the University, a refund of tuition may be applied to the student account.  Students who pay tuition via the monthly payment plan and who withdraw before the account is paid in full are NOT relieved from payment of the amount due and will be credited according to the refund schedule.  Please review the Fall 2020 Institutional Tuition Refund Schedule.  

For information regarding the Institutional Tuition Refund Schedule(s) for summer courses or classes shorter than the full fall/spring term, please contact the Office of Student Accounts directly at or (317) 940-9353.

Notwithstanding the provisions of the University's refund policies, if any disciplinary action results in the suspension or expulsion of a student from Butler University, housing or any activity, the University may refuse to refund, in whole or in part, the student's tuition, fees or room and board charges. Residence Life handles any credits of room and board charges when withdrawal occurs during the semester. Students should direct any question regarding a room and/or board refund to Residence Life.

2.  Refund request for credit balance(s) on account.

The Office of Student Accounts processes refund checks by request (in most instances) for students with credit balances on their student account.  To request a refund check, complete the Student Account Refund Request.  If you see You need permission, you're not logged into Google with your Butler email address and password.  Go to and click on the circular image in the upper right corner and select Add another account (or select your BU account if it's already listed).  Sign in with your Butler email address and password.  Once signed in, the Refund Request is accessible.  Please email us at if you need further assistance.      

Fall 2020 Institutional Tuition Refund Schedule   


  • Refund checks are mailed
  • Students:  Please make sure your personal information (including your HOME & LOCAL address) is correct in your account.  Please check the steps to view or edit your information.  Do you need to verify your local address
  • The account must be cleared to refund and a credit balance must be on the account at the time of review.
  • Two checks are permitted per term.  Some exceptions apply (e.g. federal Title IV funds).   
  • A refund request isn't necessary if the credit balance on the account is created due to federal (Title IV) funds.  However, to ensure the full amount of the credit balance on the account is processed and mailed to the desired address, a refund request is recommended.
  • Refund check are processed weekly while classes are in session.  (Requests submitted by end of day Tuesday will be processed and mailed Friday of the same week provided the account is cleared to refund at the time of review.)       
  • Tuition is set regardless of the method of instruction, and will not be refunded in the event that instruction occurs remotely for any part of the academic year.