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Student Accounts

E-Bill & E-Pay

Monthly billing statements are available in an electronic ONLY format (E-Bill) and the Amount Due Now is due in full by the due date indicated.  E-Bills are published the 2nd Wednesday of every month.  E-Bill publish dates and due date are available here.  Please keep in mind that E-Bills are not "updated" for any reason (e.g. changes in enrollment, meal plans, financial aid, etc.). 


When the E-Bill is available to view, an e-mail is sent to students' Butler e-mail address AND to any authorized PAYERs that students have created on their account from  To access E-Bill & E-Pay, students log into their account, click on Self-Service Student Homepage then Student Center.  In the Student Center, under the FINANCES heading, select View Bills.  In addition to viewing the billing statement, making electronic payments, creating authorized PAYER accounts and expediting receipt of the 1098T document are also options that are available. 


All credit card payments must be made via E-Pay. Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express are accepted online and a 2.75% non-refundable fee applies.  (Credit card payments via mail, phone or in person cannot be processed.)  Electronic payments from checking and savings accounts can also be submitted without a fee.  Click HERE for navigation details.    

Authorized PAYERS

An Authorized Payer is anyone who is assisting a student with their financial obligation.  Students can create as many authorized Payers as they want.  To create an authorized Payer, students log into E-Bill & E-Pay:

  • Click on name (top left) and in your profile (basic information) section, scroll down to Payers and click on Send a payer invitation.  Complete Payer’s name and email address.  Adding a message is optional. 

Once the invitation is sent, the Payer receives an e-mail notification from with a temporary password.  If Payer doesn’t receive an e-mail in their IN box, check JUNK or SPAM folders.  Payers have a separate web address which is included in the e-mail with the temporary password and on all subsequent notifications.  After an authorized PAYER account is created, the PAYER receives e-mail notifications from and may view the student's E-Bill and make electronic payments by logging on


If Payers forget their password, students must reset in the E-Bill & E-Pay system.  Click on the “pencil” next to the Payer’s name and select, Resend payer invitation.  The Payer will receive an e-mail with a new temporary password.

Fall 2020 Billing

The first E-Bill for the fall 2020 semester will be published July 8, 2020, and is due in full August 4, 2020.  For those students enrolled in the Monthly Payment Plan (4 payments), the first payment is due in full August 4, 2020, and the final payment is due in full November 3, 2020. 

Spring 2021 Billing

The first E-Bill for the spring 2021 semester will be published December 9, 2020, and is due in full January 5, 2021.  For students enrolled in the Monthly Payment Plan (four payments), the first payment is due in full January 5, 2021, and the final payment is due in full April 1, 2021.

Having trouble viewing your E-Bill?

When you attempt to view your E-Bill or make an electronic payment, do you receive a message that states, "you are not authorized to access..."  If so, you are experiencing a browser issue.  To resolve, first determine what type of system you are using (MAC/Apple or PC).

If you're using a MAC (Apple) computer and the Safari browser, go to the main browser menu and click Safari then PREFERENCES, then the PRIVACY tab.  Select Allow from websites I visit.  Go back and log in again.

If you're using a PC (any other personal computer), relax the browser security settings.  

Either of the two steps above should allow you to access the E-Bill and E-Pay site.  If problems persist with viewing your E-Bill, please contact us at or the HELP desk at (317) 940-HELP or