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Student Accounts

1098T Forms & Information

2017 Tax Reporting Year

Attention DEGREE SEEKING Students:

The Office of Student Accounts will publish the 1098-T forms for 2017 electronically by January 31, 2018. The forms are processed for DEGREE SEEKING students only. E-mail notifications will be sent to students and Authorized Users to let them know the 1098T form is available to view. The form can be accessed online:

STUDENT ACCESS: Log in to your account. Click on Self Service Student Homepage, then Student Center, and scroll down to the FINANCES heading and click on View Bills. The option to view your 2017 1098-T form will be displayed when available.

AUTHORIZED USER ACCESS:  Go to and provide your User ID and password.

1098T Forms by Mail:  Students who receive the 1098T form by mail receive an informative letter and an Account Statement.

Please note:

The 1098-T information is for tax reporting purposes only and meets Butler University's obligation for reporting per IRS guidelines. The 1098-T information pertains to the American Opportunity and Lifetime Learning tax credits. Our office recommends consultation with a qualified tax advisor or the IRS at (800) 829-1040 to determine eligibility for tax credits and interpreting the information our office provides.

The Office of Student Accounts' staff is not trained in tax preparation and cannot determine eligibility for tax credits.

Do you want to receive your 1098-T form in an electronic format only?

Students: Log in to your account. Click on Self Service Student Homepage, then Student Center, and scroll down to the FINANCES heading and click on View Bills. In the 1098-T section, click the link that reads, Click here to give consent for your 1098-T Form to be sent electronically only. (If you choose NOT to receive your document electronically, it will be mailed to the home address on file no later than January 31, 2018 WITH an informational letter.)