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Strategic Communication

Strategic Communication Internships

Tori Farr Internship

Internships are a core component of our commitment to experiential learning. Butler’s location in Indianapolis, the 14th largest city in the United States, facilitates our ability to offer students the ability to intern year-round at any of the numerous advertising and PR agencies, corporations, and non-profits that call this vibrant city home. In fact, Strategic Communication majors are required to complete at one internship, but most find the experience so enjoyable that more than half complete two or more internships. Students returning from these internships often report surprise at the amount of responsibility they were given and how quickly they adapted to the fast-pace of the strategic communication workplace.

We like to think students’ success at their internships is a testament to their hard work, the quality of the Strategic Communication curriculum, and the dedication of our faculty—a faculty comprised of individuals whose careers span decades in practice as well as those whose background represents the highest of academic achievement. It’s also reflects our commitment to supporting students throughout the entire internship process. Our hands-on internship program includes one-on-one assistance with resume preparation, selection of the “best fit” internship opportunities, the development of interview skills, and a group orientation session that covers professional expectations prior to beginning the internship. Students also take time during the semester to reflect on their experiences and, at the conclusion of their internship, walk away with a professionally prepared portfolio of the projects completed during the internship. Perhaps all of this explains why so many Butler Strategic Communication students land first jobs well above the typical entry-level positions offered students from other programs.  

Internship Opportunities

There are internships available at many of the large corporations within the Indianapolis Area:

Students interested in sports promotion have completed internships at:

The city's public relations and advertising firms train students for agency work:

Local not-for-profit organizations also offer internships:

Students can be introduced to arts promotion through internships at:

Students may complete internships on a national level through the Butler University/Washington, DC Semester Intern Program. This program is designed to offer internship opportunities and enables students to earn up to 20 credits in a flexible combination of coursework and interning. While in Washington, D.C, students have interned at: