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Master of Science in Strategic Communication

Master's in Strategic Communication

Recognizing the increasingly blurred line between public relations and advertising, Butler University’s Master’s in Strategic Communication program addresses the new reality in the ever-changing communications environment. This unique, converged curriculum blends communication theory, emerging trends, and best practices to help you develop into an industry leader, capable of thinking critically, solving problems, and adapting to this rapidly evolving field. Building on your own professional experience, knowledge, and passion, this program is designed to help you advance within your current organization or transition into a new career path, promoting personal growth and helping you tackle new challenges. 

The keystone of this program is its emphasis on learning through connections and relationships. You can expect to have ample opportunities to connect with peers, faculty, and industry professionals, furthering your academic growth and career possibilities through lasting professional relationships. 

Developed with your career expansion in mind, this Master’s program will provide you with flexibility where you are in a format designed to work alongside your busy career and work life experience, not against it. 

New Certificate Offering

Starting in fall 2021, students can participate in the 12-hour online Graduate Certificate in Strategic Communication. This flexible, online certificate offers an interdisciplinary curriculum that develops the knowledge, skills, and experience required for personal growth and career development in the rapidly changing strategic communication industry. Whether looking for a graduate-level credential or a pathway into the Master’s in Strategic Communication, this new certificate is a wonderful opportunity to enhance your strategic communication skills. 

2021 Application

There are two application deadlines for the master’s and certificate programs: April 1, 2021 priority deadline and a June 1, 2021 final deadline.