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Butler Bowl
Sports Media Major

Sports Media Curriculum

Butler’s Sports Media program places students in one of the nation’s leading sports cities, covering NCAA and prosporting events like the Final Four, NFL’s Monday Night Football, and the greatest spectacle in racing—the Indianapolis 500. Students develop and broaden their skills and understanding of the industry on the field, in the press box, and in the locker room at some of the nation’s biggest sporting events. Offered through the School of Journalism and the Creative Media and Entertainment Department, our interdisciplinary approach to sports media provides students with a solid foundation in multimedia journalism and digital media production.

Students choosing Sports Media as their major will be required to fulfill 45 credit hours within the major. Required courses include:

  • CME 106, Survey of Digital Media (3)
  • JR 112, Newswriting: Print (3)
  • JR 113, Newswriting: Electronic (3)
  • CME 202, Multi-Camera Studio Production (3)
  • CME 215, Video Editing (3)
  • JR 235, Digital Journalism (3)
  • JR 355, Sports Journalism (3)
  • CME/JR 358, Perspectives on Sports Media (3)
  • STR 356, Sports Promotion or JR427, Special Topics in Journalism or  CME 490, Special Topics in Creative Media & Entertainment (3)
  • JR or CME Media Internship or In-training (3)
  • CME 415, Advanced Editing or JR312, Multimedia Journalism 2 (3)
  • CME 452, Entertainment Media & the Law or JR414, Mass Communication Law (3)
  • CME/JR 407, Sportscasting (3)
  • JR 409, Media Economics and Regulation (3)
  • CME 457, Digital Media Project Design & Management (or) JR 412, In-depth Journalism (3)
  • MRC 470,* Sports, Media and Culture

*Fulfills diversity/cultural requirement in CCOM core
** JR350, JR353, CME455 or CME475 will fulfill this requirement 

In addition, students will be required to satisfy the Butler University Core curriculum as well as the CCOM requirements of Public Speaking, Media Literacy, Communication & Culture, and Foreign Language (6 hours at the 200 or above level).

A minor (recommended) or concentration is required, comprising 39 hours. A second major also fulfills this requirement.

Additional hours of free electives, combined with the above, to complete the 126 hours needed for graduation.

For course descriptions, visit Class Search.

The information found on this website with respect to major/minor/program requirements is primarily directed at providing prospective students a general roadmap of the curriculum. Current Butler students are expected to review their degree audit report at and speak with their advisor regularly for detailed information regarding their specific degree requirements and their progress toward degree completion.