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Fairbanks Center

Sports Media

Sports Media is an interdisciplinary undergraduate degreethat takes advantage of Butler’s academic strengths and field experiences in sports journalism and sports production. A multi-billion-dollar industry that drives audience interaction and interest in sports on a worldwide scale, sports media has become a highly competitive and sought after career choice that requires specialized knowledge and content production skills.

Offered by the Eugene S. Pulliam School of Journalism and the Creative Media and Entertainment Department, the sports media degree will provide you with a:

  • Solid foundation in the fundamentals of multimedia journalism and digital media production.
  • Rich, hands-on education in sports journalism, sports media and information, sportscasting, and sports media production.
  • Broad understanding of the sports media industry; its cultural, legal, and economic impact; and the role media professionals play in the industry.

Uniquely positioned in a leading sports city, our sports media program takes advantage of:

  • Faculty with an expertise in sports journalism, sportscasting, sports media, sports production and streaming, and sports culture.
  • High-quality internships offered through our ongoing relationships with sports organizations, athletic governing bodies, Indianapolis' sports commission, local sports media outlets, and a leading sports production company headquartered in Indianapolis.
  • Longstanding relationship with Butler Athletics that provides students not only with internship opportunities but also the opportunity to produce live streaming of sporting events and work as a play-by-play announcer, color commentator, or sideline reporter.
  • High-value contacts the School of Journalism and Department of Creative Media and Entertainment have with professionals in the sports media field, many of whom are alumni of these programs.

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