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Off-Campus Resources

off Campus resources
Support and Reporting Resources for Sexual Assault, Dating and Domestic Violence, and Stalking

This chart outlines on campus and community resources for survivors of sexual assault, dating violence, domestic and interpersonal violence, and stalking. You will find the name, type, contact information, and availability of each resource. Please see below for more information on community resources. 

This chart the describes the on and off campus resources available to survivors.

Center of Hope

Center of Hope provides immediate expert medical treatment, advocacy, legal services coordination and evidence collection and preservation for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence. A team of sexual assault nurse examiners (SANEs) and forensic technicians provide 24-hour coverage. A dedicated and private examination room is provided for these vulnerable patients, and specialized equipment has been purchased to collect and preserve evidence to assist in the successful prosecution of perpetrators.

St. Vincent Hospital
2001 W. 86th Street

Methodist Hospital
1701 N. Senate Avenue

The Julian Center

The Julian Center has a strong partnership with Butler University. The Julian Center supports victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and other life crises.  Their mission is to provide the services victims need to recover and build a life absent of abuse.  Those services include counseling, safe shelter, case management, advocacy, education, transitional housing, and affordable housing.  You can reach the Julian Center 24/7 at 317-920-9320

Legacy House

Legacy House provides no cost trauma counseling and advocacy services to victims, families and individuals, of violence. Their counseling services are focused on addressing the resulting long-term trauma of violence and include crisis intervention, individual and family counseling, and support groups. They also provide victim advocacy services such as courtroom support, assistance with preparing petitions for emergency protective orders and victim compensation applications, shelter and social service referrals, and other support unique to the individual needs of our clients. You can reach Legacy House at 317-554-5272 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Legacy House 
Eskenazi North Arlington Health Center
Lower Level
2505 North Arlington Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46128.


Prevail is dedicated to serving victims of crime and abuse in a confidential, supportive, non-judgmental environment that is meant to empower, educate and strengthen those they serve.  By offering these life-saving services, free of charge, they help people move forward – to give hope for a life free of violence and fear – to provide care and understanding in crisis – to help make an easier path in facing life’s challenges. Prevail seeks to make positive change happen – in individuals and families, in our communities, and in our social systems. Prevail can be reached 24/7 at 317-776-3472 or during business hours at 317-773-6942.