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University Terrace

University Terrace, located on the corner of 52nd street and Westfield Boulevard, just across the street from the Davey Athletic Complex (baseball filed).  It is one of the apartment buildings owned by the University. It houses nearly 100 students. UT usually houses a mix of  junior and senior students. UT may also house graduate students, although that is rare.  

University Terrace Map

UT apartments have variable layouts.  The most common are two bedroom, two bathroom apartments for four people. Two roommate share each bedroom. One bathroom is inside a bedroom, the other bathroom is off the hallway to the bedrooms. The other common apartment type is a one bedroom, one bathroom apartment for two people. Each resident gets a bed, mattress (XL twin), dresser, desk and desk chair. The largest part of the apartment is the living room, which has plenty of space for two 6 foot couches/futons and a TV stand. Many times students choose to put desks in this area to create a study space. The kitchen has a dishwasher, a stove, and a full refrigerator. Although there is no microwave provided, residents are allowed to have one. The kitchen is smaller, but there is good storage space. There is a coat closet near the entrance. ​Students will need to provide their own light sources for the living room and bedrooms. 

Approximate measurements: 

  • Living room: 16 x 12 feet
  • (Larger)Bedroom: 12 x 12 feet
  • (Smaller) Bedroom: 12 x 9 feet
  • Kitchen: 7 x 5 feet

Students assigned to apartments are not be required to participate in the University’s meal plan because they have full kitchens in their apartments. However, they may choose to purchase a meal plan to supplement their own cooking.

UT residents are invited to participate in building-wide programs as well as programs for the entire apartment community (includes the Apartment Village).  

There is a full-time Residence Life Coordinator (RLC) and a graduate student, Assistant Residence Life Coordinator (ARLC) who are responsible for the entire apartment community, including UT. There is also an Apartment Community Assistant (ACA) who lives in UT and works directly with the residents. The entire staff of ACAs provide programming, support and on call duty coverage for UT as part of the larger apartment community.