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Exterior of Irvington House
Residence Life

University Apartments

As a junior or senior at Butler University, students are eligible to live in the University Apartments! Students now have the option to live in Apartment Village, South Campus Apartments, Butler Terrace, and University Terrace. While living in the apartments, students will have the opporutnity to live more independently and build skills to positively function in society. Bedroom furniture in all areas includes a bed, desk, and dresser. Read on to learn more about your individual housing options!

Apartment Village

Apartment Village (AV) apartments have four residents in each and consist of the following: 

  • Four single bedrooms
  • Two bathrooms, one on each side of the apartment shared by two residents each 
  • Full kitchen (oven, stove top, microwave, fridge)
  • Living room 

The following furniture is provided:

  • 1 small couch 
  • 2 living room chairs 
  • Entertainment center 
  • Coffee table 
  • 4 breakfast bar stools 

AV has four Apartment Community Assistants (ACAs). They are spread throughout the community to assist residents with their needs. 

Building-Wide Floor Plans for Apartment Village

South Campus Apartments

South Campus Apartments (SCA) has a variety of different set-ups including, but not limited to: 

  • Three person apartments (standard apartment) 
    • two bedroom 
      • one double/one single
    • one full bathroom/one half bathroom*
  • Four person apartments (standard apartment)
    • two bedroom
      • two double rooms
    • one full bathroom/one three quarters bathroom*
  • Five person apartments (mega-apartment)
    • Four bedroom 
      • one double room, three singles
    • two full bathrooms/two half bathrooms 
  • Six person apartments (mega-apartment) 
    • Four apartments 
      • two double rooms, two singles 
    • two full bathrooms/one three quarter bathroom/one half bathroom 

Every apartment has a kitchen and living area. Kitchens include the fridge, stovetop, and oven. Residents must provide their own microwave. 


Standard apartments have the following furniture provided: 

  • 1 small couch
  • 1 living room chair 
  • Dining table with 4 chairs
  • Entertainment center 
  • Coffee table 

Mega-apartments have the following furniture provided: 

  • 1 couch
  • 1 sette 
  • 1 living room chair 
  • Dining table with 4 chairs 
  • Entertainment center
  • Coffee table 


*full bathrooms consist of toilet, sink, shower/tub

*half bathrooms consist of toilet and sink, no shower 

*three-quarter bathrooms consist of toilet, sink, and stand-up shower 

Building-Wide Floor Plans for South Campus Apartments

University Terrace

University Terrace (UT) is comprised of varying layouts of four person apartments, two person apartments, and single studio apartments. The most common set-ups are: 

  • Two bedroom apartments
    • Two double rooms 
  • Two bedroom apartments
    • Two single rooms
  • Three bedroom apartments 
    • One double room/two singles
  • One bedroom apartments 
    • One double room

All apartments have a stovetop, oven, and refrigerator. The provided furniture included is varying combinations of the following pieces: 

  • 1 small couch
  • 1 couch
  • Entertainment center
  • Coffee table 
  • Dining room table with 4 chairs 
  • Varying amounts of living room chairs


*Important note: University Terrace does not have any overhead lighting in the apartment. If you are assigned to live here, lamps will be a necessity.*

Building-Wide Floor Plans for University Terrace

Butler Terrace

Butler Terrace is entirely three resident apartments. There are two bedrooms (one single and one double). The apartments have one bathroom. 

The apartments have a stovetop, oven, and refrigerator. Students must provide their own microwave. 

Butler Terrace is a "design your own space" option, so there is no additional kitchen or living room furniture provided.