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Residential College
Residence Life

Residence Life Staff

Residence Life is responsible for promoting and maintaining an environment where students are free to develop academically and socially. Developing a sense of personal and communal responsibility and respecting the rights of others is also an important part of this program. Residence Life staff members oversee the management of Butler’s three residence halls and two apartment-style options. These staff members are committed to promoting student development through educational and social programs.

Director for Residence Life

Karla Cunningham

Karla is a full time staff member with overall responsibility for Butler’s on-campus housing program. This includes student development and educational initiatives, staffing, business operations, and room assignments. Other responsibilities of the Director include working with professional live-in staff on matters relating to the residence life operations, including: building concerns; hall openings and closings; staff selection and training; advisement of hall governments; and programming. Karla is the current advisor for Butler's Residence Hall Association.

Associate Director for Residence Life

Doug Howell

Doug is a full time staff member who provides vision and direction for the housing and residence life operations. This includes freshman room assignments and upperclassmen room selection, departmental marketing and website, and staff development. The Associate Director is also responsible for the implementation of a comprehensive residence life program for apartment housing on campus.  The Assistant Director supervises the professional live-in staff members for the Apartment Village and University Apartments and is a helpful resource to staff and residents of the apartment area.

Residence Life Coordinators

Coordinators manage and supervise the three residence halls and apartment areas. Specific responsibilities include supervising Resident Assistants (RAs) and Staff Assistants (SAs), advising hall governments, providing programming, assisting students with individual problems or concerns, and serving as judicial officers. Each Residence Life Coordinator (RLC) lives in the building where he/she works and has an office in the building. Your RLC is an invaluable resource during your stay in the residence halls. Contact your RLC by email or stop by the front office of the residence hall to set up an appointment to meet with the RLC.

  • Jeff Tyner—Residential College (ResCo)
  • Sarah Boeckmann—Ross Hall
  • HerBrina Shepherd—Schwitzer Hall
  • Hope England—Apartment Village, University Terrace, Butler Terrace, and CTS Apartments

Secretary for Residence Life

Sherry Williams

Sherry is responsible for assisting the Director and Associate Director of Residence Life as well as the Residence Life Coordinators. She supports all administrative functions including correspondence, judicial files, students staying for University breaks, and the room selection process.

Operations Assistant

Chris O’Donnell

Chris assists the Director and Associate Director of Residence Life in the daily operations of the residence halls and apartment areas. Chris' responsibilities include keeping accurate occupancy reports and records, student billing, and other assignment matters.

Staff Assistants

One SA assists each RLC with the management of the Residential College, Ross, and Schwitzer. The SA is a Butler upperclassman with previous experience who is trained in the areas of hall management, front office operations, and emergency response. SAs also manage mail and package delivery for the hall and maintenance requests. The SA can be contacted through the hall front office.

Resident Assistants

RAs are Butler students who are available to help you while you are living in the residence hall. One RA lives on each unit. They plan programs and activities, assist in developing a respectful community, serve as a resource for your concerns, and enforce hall policies.

Apartment Community Assistants

ACAs are upper divison students who have previous experience and live in the Apartment Village and University Terrace to assist the residents. They also work with the RLC in performing administrative tasks, managing the front office, planning programs, and are an invaluable resource for residents. ACAs can help residents access helpful resources around campus and problem-solve personal or academic issues.


Faculty-in-Residence (FIR) are fulltime Butler faculty members who live in an apartment within the Residential College, Ross and Schwitzer residence halls. These faculty are individuals who are committed to students and the learning experience that takes place outside of the classroom. They plan social, educational, cultural, and academically related programming for students living in Residential College and Ross & Schwitzer's Living Learning Centers.

The FIRs usually work with an advisory group of students to determine what events are planned for the term. Activities have included: attending cultural events, sporting events, and ethnic festivals; excursions to Chicago; participating in fun runs; cooking ethnic food; and a variety of programs within the hall.

Residential College Faculty-in-Residence

John Esteb—Department of Chemistry

Mary Anne Scott—Jordan College of Fine Arts

Duane Leatherman—Department of Math

Catherine Pangan—College of Education

Ross Hall Faculty-in-Residence

Ryan Flessner—College of Education

Schwitzer Hall Faculty-in-Residence

Erin Garriott—College of Education

Faculty Allies

The Faculty Ally program involves faculty who do not live in the halls, but who interact informally with students in Ross and Schwitzer Halls. Each Faculty Ally works with a student advisory group to determine programs that are of interest to students. They plan social, educational, cultural, and academically related programming for students living in Ross and Schwitzer Halls who are not part of the Living and Learning Centers.

Desk Attendants

Residence hall and apartment offices are open everyday and are staffed by student workers who provide services and respond to emergencies. Your office is a center of activity within your community. A desk attendant in the office will help you with services such as equipment checkout, mail delivery, and lockouts. Check the front office for specific hours for each hall (Note: University Terrace's front office is open limited hours every day).

Front Office Phone Numbers

ResCo: 317-940-9851
Ross Hall: 317-940-9335
Schwitzer Hall: 317-940-9315
University Terrace: 317-940-6800
Apartment Village: 317-940-6024
Residence Life: 317-940-9458