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Exterior of Irvington House
Residence Life

Housing FAQs

What’s provided in my room?

ResCo, Ross, & Fairview:

  • All rooms come with extra-long twin beds, dressers, desks and desk chairs, wastebasket, drapes or blinds, cable TV outlet, Wi-Fi access, and one campus Ethernet port (two in triples and quads)
  • Single rooms in Fairview come with extra-long full size beds o Beds may be bunked in Ross and ResCo – you must sign a waiver at the residence hall front desk prior to bunking beds
  • All furniture is moveable, but it must remain in your room

Apartment Village, Butler Terrace, University Terrace, and South Campus Apartments are provided with some additional furnishings. Please see the “University Apartments” page for details

What do I need to know about requesting special accommodations for physical or medical reasons?

Any student who has a request for a housing accommodation based on his/her medical or physical condition is required to submit the necessary supporting documentation as well as all standard housing forms. More information on special accommodations.

What cable channels do I get in my room?

The Information Technology Cable TV Channels page provides a list of channels that are provided via the cable outlet in your room.

Can I live with someone of a different gender?

Yes. All of our on-campus housing options allow gender inclusive housing assignments. This means that students with any gender identity or expression may live together in the room or suite/apartment. This includes transgender, nonbinary, and gender-fluid individuals. 

 To opt in to gender inclusive housing, you need to specifically select the appropriate box in your housing application. Students need to opt in to gender inclusive housing – no person will be involuntary assigned to a gender expansive room. Incoming students are encouraged to contact Residence Life with any questions about gender inclusive housing arrangements.

Residence Life strongly discourages any students in romantic relationship from living together.

When can I move in?

You will receive an assignment letter with the exact date that you can move into your residential space. You can review the Residence Life calendar at the link in the sidebar.

How do I connect my computer to the campus network?

Detailed information on how to connect to the network is available at the Information Technology Get Connected web page. 

What will my mailing address be?

Residence Halls

Below are the standard mailing addresses. Be sure to include the building name below the student's name for proper delivery (it is in bold only for easy reference on this page). Students are given a unique mailbox number with their room assignment information that must be included for mail delivery; it is not their residence hall room number.

Student’s Name
Residential College
630 W. Hampton Dr. Box ___
Indianapolis, IN 46208

Student’s Name
Ross Hall
629 W. Hampton Dr. Box ___
Indianapolis, IN 46208

Student’s Name
Irvington House 
750 W. Hampton Dr. Box ___
Indianapolis, IN 46208

Student’s Name
Fairview House
4550 Sunset Ave. Box ___
Indianapolis, IN 46208


Student’s Name
Apartment Village
5026 Boulevard Place, Apt LETTER and NUMBER (ex. A301)
Indianapolis, IN 46208
(It is important that the apartment letter and number be included for proper delivery.)

Butler Terrace
Each apartment has its own mailbox. However, Butler Terrace has four different street addresses, and unique mailbox numbers that are distinctive for each apartment.
For a specific Butler Terrace address, please contact Residence Life. 

Student's Name
South Campus Apartments
4251 Haughey Ave, Apt LETTER and NUMBER (ex. C1)
Indianapolis, IN 46208
(It is important that the apartment letter and number be included for proper delivery.)

Student’s Name
University Terrace
599 W. Westfield Blvd, Apt ___
Indianapolis, IN 46208

Do I have to live on campus?

It is the policy of Butler University to offer full, equal and nondiscriminatory assistance to all students without regard to their race, color, religion, nationality, gender, gender identity, and sexual orientation in placement in university residential facilities. All full-time undergraduate students are required to live in University housing for 6 academic year semesters except those who are: a) commuting from and residing full-time in the primary residence of their parents or legal guardians which is within 30 miles of campus; or b) married or civilly unified and residing with spouse; or c) are a legal guardian of a child and residing with said child; or e) are a military veteran with 2- years of active service.

All campus housing includes both room and required dining plan with the exception of the Apartment Communities (South Campus Apartments, Butler Terrace, University Terrace and Apartment Village). Apartment Community residents may purchase community-dining plan through the link on the Butler Dining page.

Butler University Greek Chapter houses are considered on campus housing for sophomore and junior students.  Some Chapters may require seniors to live in their chapter houses as well.  If a Greek Chapter house does not have space for all affiliated sophomore and juniors students, they must live in on-campus University housing.  Chapters do not release students to off-campus status. 

The University reserves the right to enforce any restrictions or regulations necessary for the general safety, welfare of residents and/or the maintenance of its property. Under certain conditions, students may apply for a special exemptions to the Residency Policy.  If provided an exception, or living off- campus as a senior student, all are expected to adhere to all federal, state, and local laws as well as the Student Code of Conduct of Butler University.  Students living off- campus or commuting from home are Butler University students and must adhere to the Student Code of Conduct.

What if I have concerns about living with a roommate?

Residential spaces are shared and college is an important time to develop personal responsibility, conflict resolution, and self-advocacy skills. It is important to grow and understand what it means to be a part of a community that respects and values others.

Successful roommate/suitemate relationships do not always involve students who consider their roommate(s) their best friends but describe a relationship and room/unit environment that is restful and respectful. Living with others takes time and work and Residential Life is committed to assisting residents in gaining the skills needed to have a good living experience. Students are expected to agree on a set of common rules for a shared space & Residence Life staff members are available to help students develop the tools to work through potential concerns or conflicts.

What is the purpose of the $100 Housing Deposit?

During the first semester of residence, students will receive a $100 Housing Deposit Charge which is posted to their student account. The $100 charge will be credited back to the account as a Housing Deposit Chg Credit after the student officially leaves University housing.

What are the room and board charges for this year?

The charges for room and board are set by the Board of Trustees (usually in March or April for the following year). The tuition and fees for the current year are available from the Office of Student Accounts (room and board fees are at the bottom of the page).