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Housing FAQs

What’s provided in my room?

All rooms come with extra-long twin beds (single rooms in Fairview come with full size beds), dressers, desks and desk chairs, wastebasket, drapes or blinds, cable TV outlet, Wi-Fi access and one campus Ethernet port (two in triples and quads). While the furniture is movable, it must remain in your room. Beds may be bunked in Ross and ResCo, you must have 4 people and sign a waiver at the residence hall front desk to bunk the beds.

What should I bring with me?

Students need to provide all personal items, bed linens and towels. Additional items that students might bring include: alarm clock, bedspread, television with built in QAM tuner or QAM converter, coaxial cable (Note: Fariview House residents must have RG6 coaxial cables), computer, Ethernet cord, laundry supplies, shower bucket, plants, fan, simple eating and cooking utensils, desk lamp, stereo/radio with headphones, stationary and stamps, storage crates. For more information on Cable TV, please visit Personal printers are also allowed on campus, but student must be sure to disable wireless capabilities and printing by directly connecting to the printer via USB cable. Wireless printing interferes with Butler's wireless network.

For a complete list of things to bring, click here

What should I leave behind?

  • Pets, other than freshwater fish, should be left at home. Air-conditioning units are not allowed. Medical accommodations, by application, can be made for first-year students to live in ResCo with air-conditioning.
  • Microwaves are not allowed in resident rooms but are available in common areas in the halls. Extension cords, halogen lamps, coffee makers (without an automatic shut off), toasters, candles, incense, string lights, and other decorative lights are prohibited due to associated fire hazards. Microwaves, toasters and other kitchen items are allowed in the apartment kitchens.
  • Instead of extension cords, residents are encouraged to use surge-protected power strips with a manual on/off switch and a circuit breaker.

List of Items Prohibited in the Residence Facilities:

  1. Rope and string lights
  2. Plug in air fresheners
  3. Lights with halogen bulbs (usually covered by glass because they get hot)
  4. Extension cords*
  5. Outlet splitters* (allows one to plug more than one item into one wall outlet)
  6. Microwaves
  7. Toasters, hotplates, and toaster ovens (only permitted in on campus apartments)
  8. Candles
  9. Incense
  10. Weapons
  11. Pets other than fresh water fish
  12. Waterbeds
  13. Air-conditioning units
  14. Lofts or platform beds
  15. Refrigerators drawing more than 2.5 amps
  16. Nails in walls
  17. Wireless hubs (they interfere with campus network)

*Surge Protectors: Residents are encouraged to use a surge protected power strip with a manual on/off switch instead of extension cords.

For a complete list of residence hall policies please refer to the Student Handbook.​

What do I need to know about requesting special accommodations for physical or medical reasons?

Any student who has a request for a housing accommodation based on his/her medical or physical condition is required to submit the necessary supporting documentation as well as all standard housing forms. More information on special accommodations.

Are the halls air-conditioned?

ResCo, Fairview House, University Terrace, and the Apartment Village are air-conditioned, but Ross is not.

What cable channels do I get in my room?

The Information Technology Cable TV Channels page provides a list of channels that are provided via the cable outlet in your room.

How big are the beds?

Most beds on campus have extra-long twin mattresses. However, singe rooms in Fairview House have extra-long full size mattresses.

How big are the rooms?

Room sizes vary from hall to hall, but a typical room is 12’ x 12’. See residence hall diagrams for more info.

Can I live with someone of a different gender?

Yes, all of our on-campus apartments (sophomores, juniors, and seniors), Fairview House (sophomores and some first-year students) and ResCo (first-year students) allow gender inclusive housing assignments. This means that full groups of students with any gender identity or expression may live together in the room or suite/apartment. This includes transgender, nonbinary, and gender-expansive individuals. Any student interested in living in a gender inclusive group must have a full group for the suite/apartment. Students without a full group may mark this as a preference choice for roommate assignment, but without a full group, it is not guaranteed. There are no additional forms or requirements needed in order to create a gender inclusive group. Continuing students will create their groups during the housing selection process after Spring Break. New students need to list all roommates/suitemates when completing their online housing contract. Incoming students are encouraged to contact Residence Life with any questions about gender inclusive housing arrangements.  

Residence Life strongly discourages any students in romantic relationship from living together. 


When do I find out who my roommate is?

Roommate assignments are mailed out in mid to late July.

When can I move in?

The Residence Halls typically open the weekend before classes start. The exact date you can move in will be mentioned on your room assignment letter. The apartment contract starts on August 1. View the Housing Calendar

How do I connect my computer to the campus network?

Detailed information on how to connect to the network is available at the Information Technology Get Connected web page. The IT Help Desk will be available during welcome week to help residents get connected.

What will my mailing address be?

Residence Halls

Below are the standard mailing addresses. Be sure to include the building name below the student's name for proper delivery (it is in bold only for easy reference on this page). Students are given a unique mailbox number with their room assignment information that must be included for mail delivery; it is not their residence hall room number. 


Student’s Name
Residential College
630 W. Hampton Dr. Box ___
Indianapolis, IN 46208

Student’s Name
Ross Hall
629 W. Hampton Dr. Box ___
Indianapolis, IN 46208

Student’s Name
Irvington House 
750 W. Hampton Dr. Box ___
Indianapolis, IN 46208

Student’s Name
Fairview House
4550 Sunset Ave. Box ___
Indianapolis, IN 46208



Student’s Name
Apartment Village
5026 Boulevard Place, Apt LETTER and NUMBER (ex. A301)
Indianapolis, IN 46208
(It is important that the apartment letter and number be included for proper delivery.)

Butler Terrace
Each apartment has its own mailbox. However, Butler Terrace has four different street addresses, and unique mailbox numbers that are distinctive for each apartment.
For a specific Butler Terrace address, please contact Residence Life. 

Student's Name
South Campus Apartments
4251 Haughey Ave, Apt LETTER and NUMBER (ex. C1)
Indianapolis, IN 46208
(It is important that the apartment letter and number be included for proper delivery.)

Student’s Name
University Terrace
599 W. Westfield Blvd, Apt ___
Indianapolis, IN 46208

Can I have a single room?

A limited number of single rooms are available in Ross Hall, Residential College, and Fairview House. If no singles are available at the time of request, the student can be placed on a waiting list. For incoming students, this request may be marked in the online housing contract, but again, single rooms are very limited and likely will not be available. All housing assignments for incoming students are made based on the date the online housing contract is first finalized. 

Where do I get more information about the meal plans?

Butler Dining Services has one “All Access” meal plan and all residence hall students are required to have this plan. This plan allows for unlimited entry into the residential dining rooms during their operating hours. In addition, this plan comes with $400 flex dollars that can be used at other on campus dining locations like the Starbucks in Atherton, the C-Club food court, and Village Convenience Store. On campus apartment residents and commuter students are not required to have a meal plan, but may choose to add one for the convenience. In addition to the All Access plan, there are two voluntary plans. For more information or to add a voluntary meal plan, please contact the Office of Residence Life at 800-368-6852, ext. 9458, or 317-940-9458 or by email at You may also want to check the Dining website for more information.

Do I have to live on campus?

All first-year students not living at home with a parent or legal guardian are required to live in one of the University residence halls. All sophomore and junior students (including those affiliated with a Greek organization) not living at home with a parent or legal guardian will be required to live in University housing or an approved Greek Housing unit of which the student is a member. Exceptions to this policy, or requests to live at home as a commuter student, must be approved in advance by the Residence Life Office. This regulation applies during summer, as well as during the regular academic year; it also applies regardless of the number of academic hours taken or the student's age. Students who move off campus during the semester or a summer term will be required to pay the full charges due to the University.

What if I have concerns about living with a roommate?

Living with another person takes effort. It is important for roommates to talk to each other early and often. Don't let issues go unaddressed because they will likely just get worse. Talking them through, in person, is the key to a successful roommate relationship. Remember, you do not have to be best friends, just compatible roommates. If you need assistance with roommate problems, feel free to contact your Resident Assistant (RA) or Apartment Community Assistant (ACA). They are trained in conflict mediation and can help define what the issues are and help the parties come to a resolution. The Residence Life Coordinator (RLC) is also a resource in times of conflict. We strongly urge roommates to attempt to sort out their difficulties but if you feel your roommate situation is not working, we allow room/hall changes only after mediation has been tried, and only with approval of the Residence Life Office.

Can I have a car on campus?

Yes, you should receive information on parking permits during the summer. Parking for residents is marked on this map.  If you have other questions about parking, please contact the Butler University Police Department (BUPD) at 317-940-9396.

How do I get a parking permit?

Parking permit tags are available from the Butler University Police Department office located on the corner of 46th St. and Hampton Dr. Parking for residents is marked on this campus map. It is possible that permits may not be delivered to students prior to the start of classes. During the first week of classes prior to permits being distributed, students are allowed to park in residence hall parking spaces without being ticketed.

What is the purpose of the $100 housing deposit?

During the first semester of residence, the student will be charged a $100 refundable housing deposit. For first-time students, this is part of the enrollment deposit and is not paid separately. The $100 housing deposit will be credited back to the student account after the student officially leaves University housing. 

What if I damage my room?

Damage or missing property noted at checkout will be billed to the student account. If a student damages common areas or requires a key to be replaced, the charges will be billed directly to the student account. In cases where responsibility for common area damage or missing property cannot be specifically assigned, all students occupying the living unit will be responsible for damage on a prorated basis. The liability assessment for each student will be charged directly to the student account.  

What are the room and board charges for this year?

The charges for room and board are set by the Board of Trustees (usually in March or April for the following year). The tuition and fees for the current year are available from the Office of Student Accounts (room and board fees are at the bottom of the page). 

Can I stay over break periods?

Housing is not available during break periods in the residence halls, including Thanksgiving break recess, semester break recess, spring break recess or any other stated recesses of the University. These periods also are board exceptions.

Some housing exceptions are made for students if a request is made from a University official. Individuals and groups seeking exception should plan in advance and contact the Director of Residence Life.

In Apartment Village and University Terrace, residents are allowed to stay for the entire contract period of August 1 to May 31.

How do returning students sign up for rooms?

Returning students receive information about the housing selection process in February for the following fall semester (those who will be seniors will also receive information about the option of living in an on-campus apartment). Returning students will complete the housing contract online via their my.butler account. Students who complete the online contract by the deadline (usually early March) are eligible for a lottery number. Lottery numbers are assigned randomly to each eligible student within each class (those who will be sophomores, juniors, and seniors).  

After Spring Break, students who form full roommate groups will choose their rooms/suites/apartments in lottery number order. Those who will be sophomores will select or be assigned to Fairview House or select apartment options (unless they are living in their approved Greek house). Those who will be juniors, and any seniors who contract to stay on campus, will select or be assigned to apartments. Please note, Greek houses have their own contracts and assignment practices. Each house handles their own contracts and assignments. Please direct Greek housing questions to the individual chapter leadership or the Office of Greek Life. 

How do I order care packages or linen sets?

We have partnered with Our Campus Market for many years to provide these services to our students and parents. If you are interested in ordering or have already ordered and have a question or problem, please feel free to contact OCM. Learn about care package ordersFind information about linen sets. A portion of the proceeds from these programs benefit Residence Life programming for our residents.