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Residence Life

First Year Student Housing


Important Housing Information 

Welcome to the Butler family! You should have recieved information on your housing assignment, your check-in time, and check-in location for move-in day. Due to the process we use at Butler and the many moving parts associated with the planning process, move-in times cannot be adjusted. 


For move-in day itself, make sure to keep the following steps in mind: 

  1. Pick up Welcome Week packet and key at your check-in location.  Bring your Butler University Student ID*.
  2. Follow the route on the map provided in your Welcome Week packet to your Residence Hall.
  3. Drive up to your Residence Hall and remain in your vehicle.
  4. Movers will take your (pre-labeled) belongings to your room. Drive to a designated parking area.
  5. Park your car and return to your Residence Hall.
  6. Begin unpacking!

* Please note that if you do not have your Butler Student ID, you will not be able to check in at your location or access your Residence Hall. Parking Services located at the Parking Garage (Suite 500) will be open from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM on Saturday, August 24th and Sunday, August 25th. If you arrive to campus after 4:00 PM on either Saturday or Sunday and need to get an ID, please visit Butler University Policy Department located at (525 W. Hampton Drive). BUPD can provide a blank ID for use through the weekend until the Parking Services Office is open for normal business on Monday, August. 26th.


We look forward to your arrival in less than a month! Happy packing! 



Living on Campus Intention 

Since housing assignments are made based on the date and time the online housing and dining contract is finalized, it is important to complete the contract as soon as possible. Changes or additions can be made until May 15, 2019. Note: changes to the online contract made before May 15 will not change the date/time of the initial finalized contract. 

All students must set their housing intention. Whether you are applying for on-campus housing, living at home with a parent or legal guardian, or living off-campus with a spouse or child, you must complete the housing intention process and select the most appropriate one. This can be done by following the steps below for the online housing contract .

The University's residency requirement is that all first-year students not living at home with a parent or legal guardian are required to live in one of the University residence halls. All sophomore and junior students not living at home with a parent or legal guardian, including those affiliated with a Greek organization, will be required to live in University housing or an approved Greek housing unit of which the student is a member. The Department of Residence Life must approve exceptions to this policy, or requests to live at home as a commuter student, in advance.

As you complete your online housing contract, please read the terms and conditions carefully. The contract has important information regarding Residence Life policies and procedures. We encourage you to print a copy for your records. 

Commuter Status Intention 

If you are planning on commuting, please click here

Getting Started—Online Housing and Dining Contract

Once you have paid the $500 enrollment deposit (which includes the $100 housing deposit), you will have the ability to complete the online housing intention and then the housing and dining contract in your my.butler account.

To find the housing intention/contract:

  • Self Service Student Homepage
  • Select Student Center
  • Scroll to the bottom to find Personal Information
  • Click the link that says Apply for Housing
  • Select the link that says Get Started


Room and Dining Contract Step-by-Step

The following steps outline the sections of the online housing contract.  We encourage you to complete the necessary information as soon as possible because housing assignments are made based on the date and time the online contract is finalized.  Additional changes made after the contract is finalized will not impact the original date/time.   

  1. All students living in a residence halls are required to have the Butler preferred dining plan. 

  2. Complete your lifestyle preference options, which will be used during the roommate matching process. We encourage you to take time and be intentional with these selections even if you have a preferred roommate. Please note, it is perfectly acceptable to come to Butler without a preferred roommate. We will assign based on the lifestyle preferences, which are research backed questions. 

  3. Additional optional preferences will be available to you. Checkmark these only if you would like to be considered for them.

  4. The majority of incoming students do not have preferred roommates/suitemates and are matched with their roommates by Residence Life staff. If you do not have a preferred roommate, it may be best to let Residence Life match you using our established process. If you have one or more preferred roommates or suitemates, you must complete this section by entering the preferred roommate’s Butler ID number and full name. Only mutual roommate requests will be considered. (Your requested roommate must also list you). It may be best to finalize the contract first and then come back to this section as it is the most time consuming. Remember, additions or changes will not affect the original date/time you clicked finalize at the end. Once you have entered your roommates full name and Butler ID number, use the drop down indicator to select roommate or suitemate. This ensures we know who to place in your bedroom and who you want to have in the rest of the suite (if applicable). If you do not have a preferred roommate now but later find one or more before the closing date for your group, you may return to your online contract and complete this section until May 15, 2019. If not, we use the preferences from the person with the first (earliest) finalized contract. Room and roommate assignment information will not be sent until mid-July. For safety reasons, room and roommate information will not be given out via telephone.

  5. Read the contract language and print a copy for your records. At the bottom you must click "Finalize Contract" to enter your information into our system. Please note: The date and time you finalize will be recorded and used to determine your housing assignment. Changes or additions to your online contract are allowed before May 15, 2019. Simply return to the online contract and click through to make changes and then refinalize. This will not change the original date you finalized, which is used for your housing assignment.

Finding Your Student ID Number

To find your student ID number to give to a preferred roommate:

  • Log on to your my.butler account
  • Self Service Student Homepage
  • Click on Student Center
  • Scroll to the bottom to find Personal Information
  • Click on Demographic Data
  • Your ID number will be in bold toward the top of this page

Move-In Information for Opening Day

Opening day, and the start of Welcome Week, for first-year students is Saturday, August 24, 2019.  More information about move-in will be sent to you via email over the summer.

Our Philosophy on Roommates

Each year at Butler, 60 to 70 percent of our first-year students are paired with random roommates by Residence Life staff using information obtained from the intentional lifestyle preferences process found in the online housing contract. If an incoming student does not have a preferred roommate, the Residence Life staff utilizes the preferences indicated in the housing contract to assign a roommate. While we do accept mutual roommate requests, often allowing our process to match roommates is better since it takes into account the lifestyle preferences of the matched roommates. 

Roommates are assigned without regard to race, color, religion, creed, national origin, disability, military status, gender orientation, or sexual orientation. 

This website will be updated as the fall semester approaches. If specific questions not addressed here arise, feel free to email us.