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Residence Life

Commuting to Butler University

Butler University is committed to being a residential university. We recognize that the University is made better, and the student experience is enhanced, by having the vast majority of the student body live on campus. For this reason we have a three-year residency requirement. However, we also recognize that students who live locally may wish to maintain the status quo at home and commute to campus. The most common reason for students at Butler to commute is to live at home in the Indianapolis area with a parent or legal guardian. If you have a different situation in mind for commuting, please complete the process in your my.butler account as outlined below, then you will be contacted for further information.

Conditions for Commuting from Home

  1. The student will live with the parent/legal guardian in the established family home.
  2. The home is within reasonable commuting distance to Butler’s campus (generally 30 miles).
  3. The student will live at the address listed and will not maintain any other residence for as long as the residency requirement applies (until reaching senior status). If the home address changes for any reason, an updated form must be submitted.
  4. If it should be determined that false information was provided and/or the student is discovered living elsewhere and/or the above conditions are not satisfied, student conduct charges will be filed and the student account will be billed for full room and board charges for the entire academic year. 

Applying for Commuter Status

Log on to your my.butler account. 

  • Self Service Student Homepage.
  • Select Student Center.
  • Scroll to the bottom to find Personal Information.
  • Click the link that says Apply for Housing.
  • Select the link that says Get Started.
  • Check the box that says Apply to Commute from Home.
  • Once you set this intention, Residence Life will contact you via Butler email with any follow up questions and to provide any necessary paperwork. 

Butler University's Residency Requirement 

All first-year students not living at home with a parent or legal guardian are required to live in one of the University residence halls. All sophomore and junior students not living at home with a parent or legal guardian, including those affiliated with a Greek organization, will be required to live in University housing or an approved Greek housing unit of which the student is a member. The Department of Residence Life must approve exceptions to this policy, or requests to live at home as a commuter student, in advance.