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Themed Living Communities

At Butler, our first-year students belong to Themed Living Communities (TLCs). In a TLC, students have the opportunity to make friends and engage with others. They will explore common interests, often in the context of the larger campus and/or Indianapolis community. By living in a TLC, students are able to make connections with others, embrace a sense of common community, broaden horizons, and start building relationships that will continue throughout their time at Butler, and beyond. 


How Do Students Choose a TLC?

Students should review the information on this page about each TLC. Then, when completing the online housing contract (located within the my.butler account), students will rank their top six TLCs. Residence Life will make every attempt to place students into one of their top choices. For students with roommate or suitemate choices, it is very important that each person rank order their six TLCs the same. This will ensure there is no confusion during the assignment process. As with all housing assignments, we will use the first (earliest) contract to determine assignments if roommates and suitemates do not match. 

BU Be Well

BU Be WellEmbrace the ability to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle, focused on both body and mind, with those living around you. Featuring a full range of wellness activities.
Example programs for this TLC may include:
  • Experiment with yoga and meditation
  • Healthy eating sessions with a nutritionist 
  • Explore relaxation techniques
  • Participate in body image workshops
  • Participate in stress management workshops
  • Provide information and resources related to healthy living

Bulldogs Go Green

This TLC is for students who are passionate about making the world a better place by promoting sustainability and living in sustainable ways. In this TLC, residents will explore sustainable practices on Butler’s campus and in the Indianapolis community. By recognizing how resources are utilized in their community, students will be able to live more mindfully and sustainably in their daily life! 

TLC Coordinator: Kaitlyn Creasy 

Department: Philosophy, Religion, and Classics 

Example programs may include: 

  • Pairing up with Butler’s student-led food recovery network to organize an event which benefits the food-insecure in Indianapolis.
  • Distributing unused food from the dining hall or preparing healthy food packages for the food insecure from our very own Center for Urban Ecology Farm.
  • Attempting a “no-waste” week, in residents attempt to drastically limit the disposable waste they produce and encourage others to do so as well.
  • Repurposing waste by-products from Butler’s campus to reduce our environmental footprint.
  • Attending a group dinner at Public Greens in Broad Ripple, a restaurant which sources healthy and sustainable meals from the community garden next to the restaurant.


Bulldogs take the Outdoors

Are you the type of person that prefers being outside during every season of the year? In this TLC you will participate in programs and activities that revolve around experiences in the outdoors.

Example programs may include:

  • Hiking, canoeing, and snowshoeing at Eagle Creek Park. 
  • Trips to the Canal Trail with the possibility of fishing. 
  • Trips to the campus ropes course. 
  • Outings to the Eagle Creek Beach. 
  • Partnering with local experts to learn more about outdoor survival and bird watching. 
  • Bike tours downtown.
  • Various outdoor recreational activities including but not limited to sledding, ice skating, camping, ect.


BU Inclusive

This TLC will explore and celebrate students that identify within the LGBTQ+ community. The TLC is open to any student that would like to strengthen their knowledge of the LGBTQ+ community to further empower those students.

TLC Coordinator: Vivian Deno

Department: History and Anthropology

Example programs may include:

  • Ally training
  • Movie nights
  • Community engagement opportunities with Indiana Youth Group
  • Guest Speakers
  • Annual drag show


BU Leads

BU LeadsAre you interested in learning about yourself as a leader? Join BU Leads and meet movers and shakers within Butler and in the Indianapolis community that are influencing our world. Explore the many facets of leadership and get ready to be inspired!
Example programs for this TLC may include:
  • Personal assessments to determine strengths and capacities
  • Share dinners with community and University leaders
  • Participate in an etiquette dinner to learn about appropriate meal behavior 

Butler Advance

Butler AdvanceConnect with inspiring community partners in fun and serious settings on and off campus - developing a stronger sense of yourself, elevating what you are learning in LAS classrooms, and building a bridge from Butler to fulfilling careers and lives.

Example programs for this TLC may include:

  • Discover. Begin to identify your unique strengths, values, and passions through personal assessments with career advisors.
  • Explore. Engage with inspiring professionals and alumni to learn about diverse career pathways and how to connect who you are with ideas about your future career.
  • Plan. Learn fundamentals of career planning and principles of high quality decision-making to enhance your ability to navigate life choices - including majors and careers.
  • Articulate. Engage with young professionals and seasoned leaders in roundtable events where you will break bread together, build professional relationships, and learn about challenges facing Indianapolis and many human communities.
  • Act. Learn about fascinating projects and ideas to address community challenges and ways you can choose to be involved during your years at Butler. 

Creativity Reimagined

Creativity and The Arts

Enjoy hands-on creativity by exploring local art museums and centers while learning new skills with your floor-mates. Explore the performing arts and see creativity and art come to life on stage. Create your own art in conjunction with support from Butler faculty, and explore and share all types of crafting, including DIY projects, upcycling, yarn work, glass blowing, and more!

Example programs for this TLC may include:

  • Trip to the symphony (Indianapolis or Butler Symphony Orchestra), with faculty member giving pre-performance talk
  • Visit to a typical Butler Ballet or Theatre rehearsal in preparation for a performance; follow up with attendance at the performance
  • Visit a special exhibit at the Indianapolis Museum of Art with docent or University faculty member; there is often a hands-on aspect or film documenting the process
  • Faculty demonstration of a visual art: photography, drawing, or computer design
  • Have a Butler music composition major speak about their creative process
  • Workshops at the Indianapolis Museum of Art and Indianapolis Art Center

Exploratory Studies

Exploratory Studies

Navigate academic and career paths with students that have similar goals. Not only will you benefit from a supportive environment, but you will also be invited to participate in special programs to help you explore academic and career options. 

Programs for this TLC may include:

  • Participate in meet-and-greets with Exploratory advisors
  • Share a meal with former Exploratory students and career professionals
  • Personality and strengths assessments
  • Coffee chats about potential majors

Future Healthcare Professionals

Future Healthcare ProfessionalsDiscover opportunities to help you succeed at becoming a healthcare professional.  Connect with other healthcare professionals and organizations in the community while at the same time identifying strategies to model those healthy behaviors that you will be asking of your patients. This TLC is open to all first-year students in any major.

Example programs for this TLC may include:

  • Socialize with healthcare professionals in the community to begin building professional networks
  • Prepare for healthcare professional schools
  • Chat with current healthcare professional students and learn about their experiences
  • Explore career tracks within the healthcare profession
  • Attend sessions introducing strategies to incorporate healthy behaviors to navigate your own personal wellness
  • Participate in stress reduction/relaxation techniques
  • Myth bust health issues in the media

Go Global!

Go GlobalDo you want to study abroad while at Butler? This TLC will explore cultures around the world through food and arts while getting to know the staff from the Center for Global Education. Build your capacity and interest in international travel with compatible future travel-buddies. Members of this TLC also have the opportunity to learn about studying abroad first-hand by traveling together on a trip to London and Paris before Welcome Week (the trip is optional and an additional cost).

Example programs for this TLC may include:

  • Visit festivals around town: Greek, Italian, French, etc.
  • Provide opportunities to interact with international students
  • Go to foreign-made movies
  • Have opportunities to interact with students who have already studied abroad
  • Have an event with faculty who come from other countries



Are you planning on being part of the University’s Honors Program? In this community you will learn and grow alongside others that are part of the program. Partnering with Center for High Achievement and Scholarly Engagement (CHASE), students will have the opportunity to be experience the world through a scholarly lens alongside their peers.

TLC Coordinators: Rusty Jones and Jason Lantzer

Department: Center for High Achievement and Scholarly Engagement (CHASE)

Example programs may include:

  • Honors Community Events via Speakers Series and thesis presentations
  • Fieldtrip possibilities, such as the IMA or Crown Hill
  • CHASE overview presentation night
  • Build a sense of Honors community by living, studying, and socializing with our first-even Honors Themed Living Community!


Indoor Adventure


Residents living in this community will explore ways they can occupy their time inside with activities such as board games, video games, ect. Additionally, students in this community will have the chance to participate in visits to various locations around Indianapolis.

Example programs may include:

  • Trips to area museums
  • Meals at local restaurants
  • Board game & Role Playing Game nights (Catan, Ticket to Ride, Dungeons & Dragons, etc.)
  • Movie Nights
  • Community Book Club


New to Indy

New to IndyExperience the city of Indianapolis and its "quirky side" through attendance of campus offerings, local sporting events, museums, and eating at local restaurants. Get to know all this great city offers through the eyes of those who live here and love it! This TLC is specifically designed for individuals not from Indy!

Example programs for this TLC may include:

  • Eat a meal at an up-and-coming Indianapolis restaurant, or at different cultural restaurants
  • Attend a Naptown Roller Girls flat-track roller derby bout
  • Explore Indianapolis’ various cultural districts 
  • Visit the Indianapolis Art Museum, the Children's Museum of Indianapolis, and other museums and landmarks
  • Learn how to get involved with local community organizations 
  • Attend Indianapolis-area community festivals 
  • See national touring bands live in concert at local concert venues

Service Engagement


Residents in this community will partner with the Butler Volunteer Center to engage in meaningful service in the Indianapolis community. Residents will learn about who they are doing service for and why it is important, do the actual service, and have a chance to reflect on the impact of what they have done in a variety of different ways.

TLC Coordinator: Stu Macki

Department: Residence Life

Example programs may include:

  • Educational programs to gain insight to what Indianapolis needs in terms of service engagement.
  • Service projects done on-site at various non-profits throughout the city of Indianapolis.
  • Time spent reflecting on the service done and what the impact of that service is on the Indianapolis community


Teacher Leaders


This community is a unique opportunity to expand on upon Education as a field of study. Residents in this community will have the opportunity to find a deeper connection within the College of Education while having the chance to find connections in the Education field in the Indianapolis community.



The Bulldog Way

The Bulldog Way

Show your school spirit by participating in Butler traditions and cultural and athletic events. Learn the unique history of Butler University and how to maximize your time on campus.

Example programs for this TLC may include:

  • Attend Men's and Women's sporting events
  • Watching a video about Hinkle Fieldhouse with traditional Hinkle food served
  • Watching the movie "Hoosiers"
  • Touring the Butler section of Crown Hill Cemetery
  • Attending Butler productions such as "Nutcracker," theater productions, other ballets, Wood's Lectures Series
  • Touring the former Irvington campus and viewing some of the old buildings that still remain there, as well as Ovid Butler's house and the area around the original campus
  • Having speakers talk about the history of Butler and its connection to the development of Indianapolis

Whose Streets? Our Streets!


Students with an adventurous spirit will learn about the various social justice challenges facing the Indianapolis community and beyond, even globally as we are all connected.  We will consider and participate in creative and effective ways that people and organizations from all different walks of life respond to this question of “Whose Streets? Our Streets!”

TLC Coordinator: Terri Jett

Department: Political Science

Example programs may include:

  • Participation in the Indiana Humanities One State/One Book Frankenstein Program
  • Connecting with programs through the Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Center located right in our Butler-Tarkington Neighborhood
  • Attending events sponsored by various community activist organizations, such as the American Friends Services Committee (AFSC) and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)


No TLC Preference

Can't decide?! Rank this TLC as #1 and let Residence Life decide where you will end up (you will still need to rank a total of five to process the contract). Don't have a strong choice after first, second, etc.? Rank this choice in line after your strong preferences and Residence Life will decide where to place you, if you don't get your top choices. Having a hard time deciding on your last one, rank this #6 and see what happens!

For more information, please contact Residence Life via email or at 317-940-9458.