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Registration and Records
Registration and Records

Notes for Faculty and Staff

Continuing Student Registration for Spring 2021 Semester

Registration and Records will begin notifying continuing students about their enrollment appointments by October 14.  The enrollment appointment is the day and time a student may enroll in courses in the student’s My.Butler Student Center.  (Of note: The formal spring 2021 course advising period is October 19-30, and self-service registration begins on November 2.)

The message to undergraduate students includes information such as:

  • Where a student can find the enrollment appointment
  • How to view “Holds” and the relevant contact information for releasing a hold
  • Explanation of the “Academic Requirements” report
  • Explanation of the “What-If” and “Shopping Cart” functions

Students and advisors can also refer to the Registration and Records website for additional information. 

Viewing Advisee Enrollment Appointments

The Office of Registration and Records has a query (BU_SR_REG_ADVISEE_APPT_TIMES) for viewing your advisees’ names and enrollment appointment times in an Excel spreadsheet.  However, the AM/PM Appointment Start Time is unfortunately a quirk of Excel (e.g., a 3:00 PM appointment start time will be noted as 3:00 AM).  To avoid this glitch, click HTML instead of Excel to receive the correct AM/PM appointment times. 

Here are the steps:

Go to, and click on the following links:

  • Advisor Center
  • Query and Tools
  • Query Viewer
  • Enter:  BU_SR_REG_ADVISEE_APPT_TIMES (and click Search)
  • Click HTML
  • Enter Term:  4203 (Spring 2021)
  • Enter Advisor Employee ID:  1st 9 digits from your Butler ID (and click View Results)
  • Download results in:  CSV Text File, which will open in Excel with the correct AM/PM appointment times

If you experience any problems running this query, please do not hesitate to contact us.

When a Student Needs a Drop/Add Form

If one of your student advisees is not able to use the online drop/add/withdrawal process to make adjustments to their schedule due to a registration hold on their record, please have them obtain a PDF drop/add form from the administrative assistant in their college dean’s office.  Registration and Records is not able to provide students with paper drop/add forms.

Need to identify remote students in your Face-to-Face (F2F) class roster?

In order to allow faculty to identify who is a remote student in their Face-to-Face (F2F) classes this fall, R&R has created two queries: 

  • BU_AA_CLASS_ROSTER_F2F to search by Subject, Course number, Section, and Class Number. Enter information into the following prompts:
    • ​Term: 4201
    • Subject Area (code)
    • Catalog Nbr (enter a % for all numbers)
    • Class Section (enter a % for all sections)
  • BU_AA_CLASS_ROSTER_F2F_BY_INST to search by instructor name. Enter information into the following prompts:
    • ​​Term: 4201
    • Instructor's Preferred Last Name (enter full name or just the first few letters followed by a %. I.e., "Smith" or "Smi%")

Please note: there is a two step process that must be completed before the remote student is assigned to the correct student group in the query results, so you will want to check your roster(s) frequently in case a student's status has changed. Once the Registrar receives confirmation that a student is approved for remote enrollment, she assigns a study agreement to the student record. Then there is a system process that runs once per day to update the student groups based on the study agreement. If you know of a student who has been approved to be fully remote, but does not list on your roster as a remote student, email the student's name and ID to so that we may confirm the approval status and timing of the system process.   

Fillable R&R forms available now

Click here for available forms and for information from R&R regarding the completion of and circulation of forms. 

New Verify Contact Information Registration Hold

This hold indicates that a student needs to verify his/her contact information for local address (for students that do not have a Campus address), DawgAlerts, and Emergency Contacts. A student can do so by visiting and selecting the Tasks tile from their Self Service Student Homepage. Under the To Do List, the student clicks on the Verify Contact Information task. Once a student verifies all required contact information, the student can select Finish to complete the task and remove the registration hold from their account. View a video tutorial to learn how to remove this hold. Don't have a Panopto account? You may view the video through Moodle in the drop down menu of the Panopto sign in screen.

PeopleSoft Navigation for Faculty

Click here to view documentation on how to navigate PeopleSoft to perform tasks such as:

  • Viewing your schedule and class rosters
  • Entering Early Term and Final Grades
  • Adding additional Instructors/Teaching Assistants/Graders in Moodle
  • Using Class Search and Course Catalog
  • Recommending or Denying Late Add/Drop/Withdrawal requests

Special Note for OnBase Users (BUDocs)

Locked Accounts

The OnBase (BUDocs) software automatically locks an account after it has been idle for 180 days or after 5 failed login attempts. If you have been locked out of your Onbase account for either of these reasons, please contact the IT Help Desk at or 317-940-HELP (4357) or submit a request at

need help navigating PeopleSoft?

Instructors and advisors can view training documents which include step-by-step instructions with screen shots for frequently used PeopleSoft functions.

Online workflow process in for withdrawing after the 10th day of classes.

How does it work?

  1. Student attempts to drop a class as they always would via my.butler. Student receives a message reminding them that withdrawing from a class could have unintended consequences. Student clicks "OK". 
  2. Student checks the "Request Approval" checkbox.
  3. Student provides an explanation of why they need to withdraw from the class, and then clicks "Submit". 

The request is electronically routed to the individuals who need to approve the request. Student will NOT be withdrawn from the class until final approval is received from the college dean. Student will receive "status update" emails as the request moves through the approval process and will receive a final email when the request is either approved or denied.  

Online workflow process in for adding after the 5th day of classes. 

How does it work?

  1. Student will attempt to add a class as they always would through My.Butler. Student receives a message asking if they want to send an approval request to the class instructor, their advisor, and their college dean. Student clicks "OK". 
  2. Student checks the "Request Approval" checkbox.
  3. Student provides an explanation of why they need to add the class after the deadline, and then clicks "Submit". 

The request is electronically routed to the individuals who need to approve the request.  Student will NOT be enrolled in the class until final approval is received from the college dean.  Student will receive "status update" emails as the request moves through the approval process and will receive a final email when the request is either approved or denied. 

View Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for faculty regarding the new online workflow process.