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Registration and Records
Registration and Records

Forms for Faculty and Staff

The Registration and Records staff is working both on campus and remotely. If you need to visit us, please set up an appointment so that we can ensure the individual you need to speak with is physically in the office. You may contact us by email at or by phone at 317-940-9203 (or toll free: 800-368-6852) Monday-Friday from 8:30 AM–5:00 PM.

The following forms are available in a fillable pdf format:

If you would like any other form converted to a fillable pdf, please email and we will work to create it for you. Please review the process below regarding circulation of these forms to obtain necessary approvals.

Information for faculty regarding R&R forms processing during this time of campus disruption

As the deans prepare information for their meeting with the department chairs, here’s some information from R&R regarding the completion of and circulation of forms. 

Since we don’t have an existing online workflow process for major/minor changes, enrollment change form, or the grade change form, we will need to manage these paper forms via an email approval process. Fillable PDFs of these 3 forms are available in case someone wants to complete the form and forward the form as an attachment to the next individual in the workflow instead of just providing the relevant information in an email.  We will accept the information in R&R regardless of which format is chosen.  

The initiator of the form should include the necessary information in their email along with signifying their approval.  The email should be forwarded to the next individual in the approval process (copying the relevant admin as appropriate/necessary).  Forwarding of the email should continue until all approvals have been received.  The final person in the approval chain should forward the email to R&R at for processing. 

Major/minor changes (click here for fillable form):

  • Student name
  • Student ID
  • Student’s college
  • Current major/minor
  • The major(s)/minor(s) student wishes to end up with once the change is processed
  • Submitted by the student (or student’s academic advisor on student’s behalf)
  • Forwarded to the appropriate associate dean(s) for final approval
  • Send to R&R ( for processing

Grade changes (click here for fillable form): Grade changes for CORE classes should be signed by the dean of the instructor, not the CORE office.

  • Student name
  • Student ID
  • Semester in which course was taken
  • Year in which course was taken
  • Course number
  • Instructor name
  • Old grade
  • New grade
  • Instructors statement regarding reason for the change of grade
  • Submitted by instructor (or department chair on instructor’s behalf)
  • Forwarded to associate dean for final approval
  • Send to R&R ( for processing

Enrollment change form (click here for fillable form): 

  • Student name
  • Student ID
  • Student’s College
  • Semester
  • Year
  • Course department
  • Course number
  • Course section
  • Credit hours
  • Action (e.g. Drop, Add, Withdraw, Change to P/F, Change to N/C, Add/Drop ICR designation)
  • Instructor’s name
  • Submitted by student’s academic advisor
  • Forwarded to instructor for approval
  • Forwarded to associate dean for final approval
  • Send to R&R ( for processing