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Psychology Department

Undergraduate Research Program

The CHASE Program provides financial support for undergraduate students in the sciences to collaborate on research projects with a faculty mentor during the academic year. The funding for this program is provided by the Fairbanks Foundation.

All eligible undergraduates undertaking research in the sciences are encouraged to apply for a $2,500 stipend to support a research project (students will only receive one award during their tenure at Butler University). The definition of science is sufficiently broad to encompass natural, social, and mathematical sciences.

The program entails approximately 10–12 hours of research per week. Work accomplished through this program can be used as part of an honors thesis for students working on an honors thesis for no credit. To be eligible for this program, students doing research for credit will be required to do an additional 10–12 hours of research above that which they are presently doing.

The following psychology majors are recipients of the Undergraduate Student Research Program.


Katie Kincaid

Mentor:  Dr. Neil Bohannon
Retrograde Memory Effects in Dating Simulation:  Nice Guys Remembered First


Abigal Dye

Mentor:  Dr. Tara Lineweaver
Are Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors (BFRBs) Disorders of Impulsivity or Anxiety?  An Empirical Investigation of BFRBs

Karsen McCloud

Mentor:  Dr. Joel Martin
Investigation of the Relationship Between OCD Symptomatology and Theory of Mind Ability


Addie Allen

Mentor: Dr. Tara Lineweaver
Everybody Speaks, Everybody Remembers:  An Investigation of Self-Perceptions of Language and Memory


Tony Bergamini

Mentor: Dr. Amanda Gingerich
To Live Is to Die:  The Effect of Mortality Salience on Memory and Comfort with Death


Michael Hernandez

Mentor:  Dr. Tara Lineweaver
If You're Happy and You Know it, You May be Old:  An Investigation of the Positivity Effect of Aging.

Steven Lindgren

Mentor:  Dr. Amanda Gingerich
The Implications of Divided Attention on Theories of False Memory.


Elsa Carodenuto

Mentor:  Dr. Neil Bohannon
Arousal Effects on Memories of Romantic Relationships.

Erin Good

Mentor:  Dr. Amanda Gingerich
Effects of Mood on Using Analogies to Solve Problems and Reduce Conflict.


Madison Hurd

Mentor: Dr. Tara Lineweaver
Formulating Memory Self-Perceptions: An Examination of the Role of Attention and Intelligence on Memory Self-Efficacy Ratings.

Lauren McClure

Mentor: Dr. Neil Bohannon
Effects of Collaborative Inhibition on Triads

Amanda Zolman

Mentor: Dr. Tara Lineweaver
The Impact of Having a Spouse with Dementia on Older Adults' Memory Self-Perceptions


Coty Nicoson

Mentor: Dr. Tara Lineweaver
Altering Memory Self-Efficacy and Memory Performance in Older Adults by Drawing Attention to Stereotypes