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Jordan Hall
Office of the Provost

Academic Leadership 2021-22

Leadership for Butler University colleges, departments, and programs listed below. For more information, visit linked websites.

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (LAS)

Jay Howard, dean
Stuart Glennan, associate dean, academic affairs
LuAnne McNulty, associate dean, faculty and program development and
interim faculty director of diversity, equity, and inclusion
Jennifer Poor, associate dean, student affairs
Biological Sciences Phil Villani, department chair
Chemistry Geoff Hoops, department chair
Computer Science and Software Engineering Panos Linos, department chair (Jon Sorenson, fall 2021)
Engineering Dual Degree Program Joe Kirsch, director
English Lee Garver, department chair
History, Anthropology, and Classics Vivian Deno, department chair
International Studies Fait Muedini, program director (Elise Edwards, fall 2021)
Mathematics, Statistics, and Actuarial Science Scott Kaschner, department chair
Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Eloise Sureau, department chair
Peace and Conflict Studies Robin Turner, program director
Philosophy and Religion Tibi Popa, department chair
Physics and Astronomy Gonzalo Ordonez, department chair
Political Science Robin Turner, department chair
Psychology Joel Martin, department chair (Mandy Hall, spring 2022)
Race, Gender, and Sexuality Studies  Terri Carney, program director
Science, Technology, and Society Carmen Salsbury, program director (Jesse Van Gerven, spring 2022)
Sociology and Criminology Steve Barnard, department chair (Antonio Menendez, summer 2021)
Neuroscience Tara Lineweaver, program director
Data Science Bob Padgett, program director
Master of Fine Arts (MFA) Hilene Flanzbaum, program director  (Chris Forhan, spring 2022)

College of Education (COE)

Brooke Kandel-Cisco, dean
Kelli Esteves, associate dean
Angela Mager, assistant dean
Susan Adams, faculty director of diversity, equity, and inclusion
Graduate Learning and Teaching Teams Nick Abel, chair
Undergraduate Learning and Teaching Teams Susan Adamson, chair

Lacy School of Business (LSB)

Craig Caldwell, interim dean
Bill Templeton, associate dean for undergraduate studies
Courtney Droms Hatch, associate dean of faculty
Brandy Mmbaga, assistant dean for community engagement and faculty director of diversity, equity, and inclusion

Accounting Bill Terando, department chair
Applied Business Technology Hongjiang Xu, department chair
Economics/Statistics Kathy Paulson Gjerde, department chair
Entrepreneurship and Innovation Stephanie Fernhaber, department chair
Finance Sheryl-Ann Stephen, department chair
Law/Management/International Business Peg Padgett, department chair
Marketing Arilova Randrianasolo, department chair
Risk Management and Insurance Victor Puleo, department chair
Career and Professional Success (LSB Career Development) Julie Schrader, director

College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (COPHS)

Robert Soltis, dean
Julia Koehler, associate dean
Jennifer Snyder, associate dean
Angela Ockerman, assistant dean
Ogbonnaya Isaac Omenka, faculty director of diversity, equity, and inclusion
Pharmacy Program Kim Beck, program director
Pharmaceutical Sciences Marcos Oliveira, department chair
Pharmacy Practice Jane Gervasio, department chair
Physician Assistant Program

Betsy Schmidt, program director;

Brenda Quincy, department chair

Doctor of Medical Science Program (DMS)

Jennifer Zorn, program director;

Brenda Quincy, department chair

Undergraduate Health Sciences   Amy Sutton Peak, program director and department chair

Jordan College of the Arts (JCA)

Lisa Brooks, dean
Wendy Meaden, associate dean
Courtney Elkin Mohler, associate dean for inclusion, diversity, equity, and access
Art   Steve Nyktas, department chair 
Arts Administration Brenda Johnston, department chair
Dance Larry Attaway, department chair
Music David Murray, School of Music director
Theatre Diane Timmerman, department chair
Butler Community Arts School Lauren Shelton, director

College of Communication (CCOM)

Margaretha Geertsema-Sligh, interim dean
Suzanne Reading, associate dean
Lindsay Ems, faculty director of diversity, equity, and inclusion
Communication Sciences and Disorders Tonya Bergeson, department chair
Strategic Communication: PR and Advertising Abbey Levenshus, department chair
Communication and Media Studies Ann Savage, department chair 
The Eugene S. Pulliam School of Journalism and Creative Media Lee Farquhar, interim director
Internship Program Scott Bridge, program director
Graduate Program Mark Rademacher, program director



Butler University Libraries

Julie Miller, dean
Sally Neal, associate dean
Josh Petrusa, associate dean

Core Curriculum

University-wide Core Curriculum Travis Ryan, faculty director


View resources for Department Chairs and Program Directors, available in our faculty development library.