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Jordan Hall
Office of the Provost

Key Academic Affairs Dates, 2017-18

Economics Class

Fall 2017

August 14:                        

First day for full-time faculty (20.20.50)
The official responsibilities of a full-time faculty member
for the regular academic year begin with the first day of 
orientation in the fall and extend through Spring Commencement.

August 14–15:                        New Faculty Orientation
August 16:                             

Fall Academic Workshop

August 17:      College and Department Meetings
August 18:  

University Fall Picnic and President’s Welcome

August 20:  Butler University Convocation and Reception
August 21:     

New Student Orientation:  Academic Day

August 23:

First Day of Classes

August 31:      Faculty Activity Reports (FAR) due to Dean with copy
to chair or program director
September 1: 

Promotion increases effective for newly promoted faculty 
(does not include merit increases or equity increases;
these are effective January 1) 


Sabbatical applications for the 2018-19 academic year due to
faculty member's immediate supervisor. Provost office can
provide application and guidelines (20.30.70 A)

September 4:

No Classes (Labor Day)

September 15:

Dean forwards the name of their elected College UPTC
representative to the Provost (20.30.40 D)

October 1: Tenure and/or promotion application due to faculty member's
department chair, or Dean if applicable (20.30.40 D)
October 15: Sabbatical reports from faculty gone Spring 2017 due to their
Dean’s office (20.30.70 A)
Oct. 12–13:

No Classes (Fall Break)

November 1: Department reports for all tenure and/or promotion candidates
due to the Dean of the College, who refers it to the College's
Professional Standards Committee (PSC) (20.30.40 D)
November 1: 

Faculty annual performance reviews due to Provost

Sabbatical recommendations for 2018-19 due to Provost (20.30.70 A)

November 15: Sabbatical reports from Spring 2017 due to Provost (20.30.70 A)
November 20–24: No Classes (Thanksgiving Holiday)
December 1: 

College Professional Standards Committee (PSC) tenure and/or
promotion reports due to Dean of College (20.30.40 D) 


Provost sabbatical request decisions announced to Dean and
faculty member (20.30.70 A)

December 8:  Last day of classes
December 15: 

Performance evaluation letters sent to all academic faculty and staff 


Deadline to notify full-time faculty in their second year of academic
service of non-reappointment (20.30.80 A)

December 11–15: Final Examinations
December 16: Winter Commencement 
December 19: Grades due by 10 AM to Registration and Records


Spring 2018


College Dean provides a list of faculty members who are eligible
for review during the next academic year to the Provost


College Dean notifies tenure track faculty who will enter their sixth
academic year in the next academic year that they may be considered
for tenure (20.30.40 D)

January 1:  Merit and equity increases effective for all University staff and faculty
January 16: First Day of Classes
February 1: 

Dean's tenure and/or promotion report and recommendation due to
Provost, who refers it to the University Promotion and Tenure
Committee (UPTC) (20.30.40 D)

February–March:                    UPTC convenes to review tenure and promotion process for all candidates
February 14:

Dossiers for faculty undergoing second- and fourth-year reviews due to
College's Professional Standards Committee. 

For second-year faculty in Colleges whose Professional Standards
Committee does not examine dossiers, dossiers should be submitted
to the Dean of the College.

February 28:

Contract renewals for full-time faculty due to Provost

March 1: 

University Promotion and Tenure Committee (UPTC) reports due to
Provost for all tenure and/or promotion candidates (20.30.40 D)


Deadline to notify full-time faculty in their first year of academic service
of non-reappointment (20.30.80 A)

March 12–16: 

No Classes (Spring Break)

March 15:

Sabbatical reports for faculty gone Fall 2017 due to their Dean’s offices
(20.30.70 A)


Provost's report and recommendations for tenure and/or promotion
candidates due to President (20.30.40 D)

March 31: 

President’s report and recommendations due for all tenure
and/or promotion candidates and emeriti candidates (20.30.40 D)

April 15:

Sabbatical reports from Fall 2017 due to Provost (20.30.70 A)


Deadline for tenure track faculty undergoing second- and fourth-year
reviews to receive formative feedback from the dean of the college and
other groups involved in the review per college policy 

April 30: 

Last day of classes


Provost provides written notice of the Board's decision to faculty
candidates for tenure and/or promotion

April 26–May 2: 

Final Examinations

May 10: Grades due by 10 a.m. to Registration and Records
May 12:

Spring Commencement (20.20.50)
The official responsibilities of a full-time faculty member for the
regular academic year begin with the first day of orientation in the
fall and extend through Spring Commencement.

All faculty members are expected to be present in the academic regalia
at Spring Commencement.

May 15: 

Notice of resignation from full-time faculty members due to College Dean and Provost
(20.30.80 B)