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Jordan Hall
Office of the Provost

Academic Forms and Procedures

Academic Personnel, Policies, and Procedures (APPP) are available for Butler faculty and administrative staff who are logged on to campus networks.*

PC Users

Access the APPP by double-clicking the My Computer icon on your desktop and typing \\bufiles\group\APPPC\Forms in the address bar, then click on the index.html file.

Macintosh Platform (OS X)

Using Safari or Firefox (but not Chrome), paste the URL below into the address window of your browser. If using Firefox, enter the URL and then choose Finder as the mechanism for viewing the drive.


Alternatively, from Finder, select Connect to Server from the Go drop-down menu—or use command-K to reach the same screen. Enter the URL in the Server Address window and click Connect.

* For off-campus access, see information at about network availability.