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Office of the President

Coronavirus Updates from President Danko

My sincere thanks to the dedicated people at Butler who have been working tirelessly as we monitor this public health crisis and developing plans for our campus. Our efforts are being done with the highest regard for the greater good of the Butler community as well as the people who live in the surrounding region and are also affected by this dangerous virus. 

I am confident that together we will reach the other side of this crisis and that campus life will return to normal. The preventative measures being taken by organizations such as cities, universities, and sports leagues are critical to confronting this health emergency. At this point, as medical experts work toward positive solutions—which I am confident they will—the best course of action in defeating this outbreak is to undertake aggressive public measures to slow the spread of the virus and to protect our health system from undue burden.

I ask all of you for your understanding as our plans evolve and change. We have caring and talented people assessing the appropriate course of action for Butler University, but I recognize that our plans may have unexpected ramifications and unintended consequences. I can assure you that while we do not have perfect vision of the manner in which this crisis will be resolved or when our campus life will return to normal, we are doing our absolute best to ensure the well-being of our campus and greater community. I ask for your patience and, as always, welcome your thoughts, questions, and suggestions.

Best regards,

James M. Danko
President, Butler University