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Pharmacy & Health Sciences Building
PA Program

Dan Sturm

Dan Sturm

BS in Zoology, Eastern Illinois University ’95
MMS in PA Studies, Midwestern University ’97

What are your responsibilities in the PA Program?

I serve as the course coordinator for Interpretation of Imaging Studies and 12-Lead ECG Interpretation courses. I also teach in History and Physical Exam with Lab and Clinical Integration. Outside of the classroom, I serve as the chair of the PA Curriculum Committee, PA Club advisor, a member of Faculty Senate, and the Pi Alpha Committee. Most recently, I have become a champion for the COPHS Strategic Plan, working with three other faculty members on the goal of “Stewarding the Mission.” Outside of Butler University, I serve as the Indiana Academy of PAs CME Conference Chair.

What do you like most about your roles?

The aspect I enjoy most about my job is working with our students individually or in small group settings in the simulation lab. I like making connections and building relationships with them.

What is your previous work experience?

After earning my MMS, I started my career as a PA working with the Christie Clinic in Champaign, Illinois for five years. Here I was able to focus on internal medicine. I then transferred to the Aurora Medical Group in Kenosha, Wisconsin serving patients through family, travel, and occupational medicine. My family moved to Indiana in 2011, and I was able to continue working in family medicine with American Health Network in Kokomo. Currently, I practice clinically one morning a week and one weekend a month in urgent care with the Pike Medical Group.

What drew you to teach at Butler?

I have always wanted to be a teacher and my favorite part of being a PA is patient education. I enjoy discussing preventive medicine and health maintenance with my patients. Butler has given me the opportunity to marry my desire to practice medicine and educate the next generation of PAs. I appreciate the opportunity to continue to practice clinically while teaching, as I believe it makes me a better educator, and reinforces my competency as a clinician.

How do you spend time outside of work?

I enjoy working outside in the yard, which is a benefit since my wife and I, along with our two teenagers, have two acres of land to maintain. I also enjoy hiking, disc golf, poker, golf, and serving as a Boy Scout Leader.